Kidscents® essential oils carefully developed for children

the exceptional KidScents linee became specially developed for children with that too the youngest fans ofYoung Living have the opportunity to use essential oils.

The oil blends that come from naturally occurring ingredients and specially developed for children and their delicate skin complete the range.

The simply designed line among the many oils available is said to be the Making product selection easier for parents.

To the child a balance between good sleep , fresh air, adventures in nature and that To learn to help is one daily challenge .
With KidScents there are now oils that can support you and your child in different situations.

If you want to offer your children products with naturally occurring ingredients, without any harmful chemicals such as synthetic fragrances or dyes, then KidScents is for you for your family.


You can find the following oils and oil roll-ons in our shop:

Quick through the day

Goodbye indigestion

Easy going

Pooh good

The learning aid

free breath

Quality without compromise