Scented sachets handmade with organic lavender filling

Duftsäckchen | Lavendel-öl und Lavendel-füllung von

The lavender leaves the Laundry smells fresh and helps against moths in the closet. The "real lavender" (Lavandula angustifolia), which we in our scented bags to fill, works in addition calming as well as antispasmodic and antiseptic.

Tip: You can do that Lavender scentt of your scented sachet intensify and extend by adding a few drops of one high-quality, pure essential lavender oil add.

It is recommended, Knead the bag well every now and then and if possible, drizzle with high-quality lavender oil to freshen the scent. The effect is visible after a total of 4-5 months evaporated and the contents should be disposed of.

Tip: You can have one too Create your own mixture for your scented sachet. E.g. with dried orange peel, cinnamon bark, peppermint or chamomile. With the appropriate, high-quality essential oil you can intensify and extend the scent here too.

Important NOTE:

The filling consists of 100% natural organic lavender without any chemical additives. It is therefore normal that the effect or scent gradually diminishes over time. The scent develops best in dry, light-protected places, where little air is added (e.g. wardrobe). The effect wears off more quickly in large rooms.


  • inner bag Linen, filled with 100% natural lavender flowers, bluish, fragrant and off controlled organic cultivation
  • 30g Lavender flower filling
  • Outer bag Cotton bag approx. 11x12 cm

Scented sachet lavender nostalgiae

Scented sachet l lavender tree

Scented sachet lavender oak forestd

Scented sachet l Lavender Advent

Duftsäckchen handgemacht mit Bio-Lavendelfüllung