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Our products have a scientific background. Epigenetics starts where over Balance and imbalance in the Body decided becomes.

What is epigenetics?

The Epigenetics is by definition a field of biology and deals with the processes in human cells, through which our body constantly adapts to the environment and its factors.

Nutrition is the central factor

In fact, it does Nutrition accounts for 80% of the factorsthat our body adapts to.

If the body receives too much of certain substances and too little of others through food, Vital mechanisms in the cells become unbalanced.

 Personalisierte epigenetische Formelprodukte für ein gesundes Leben

The maker:

Dr. Markus Rohner

Founder, operational manager, management

Since 2011, Dr. Markus Rohner deals very intensively with the effects epigenetic mechanisms on metabolic diseases and the Influences on our health.
From this Dr. Markus Rohner that epigenetic health concept, short EPIConcept® called.

Over time, different ones emerged EPIConcept solutions for different metabolic diseases. The EPIconcept reversed Type 2 diabetes uniquely and in a short time and leaves no chance for nutritional heart risks.

The digital world also found its way into EpiGeneticBalance AG. The EPIconcept with his molecular personalized nutritional management is complete with the EPI concept app digitized.

The EPIType can thereby can be determined from the comfort of your own home.

Parallel and complementary to EPIThe concept was developed by Dr. Markus Rohner unique Combination nutritional supplements plant-based, which solve the problem of an inflexible metabolism and make it flexible again.

We are convinced of EpiXund!


Personalisierte epigenetische Formelprodukte für ein gesundes Leben


We from are convinced of the concept and products of Epigenetic Balance AG.

With Dr. Markus Rohner and his nutritional medicine Knowledge, We work closely together on unique analytics and diagnostics.

The focus we put a lot of emphasis on that EPIProducts combined with high-quality active ingredients on clean plant based.

👉  NNatural active ingredients intelligently combined

The EPIWe have products successfully tested ourselvesFind out what motivates us every day on enormous added value and contribution to life quality to offer.

Simply live healthy without any mumbo jumbo!

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