Lunch box stainless steel filip® | Cook & Keep


The Cook & Keep lunch box convinced in Quality, high-quality processing, is versatile, stable and in Endurance test absolutely tight!

 From molded stainless steel lunch box filip® is very durable and therefore as a reusable container consistent.

The meal prep professional sees noble and good looking!

Philip's BMI®

The stainless steel tank is extremely robust:

  • leakproof, tight and protected against unwanted leakage of liquid

  • Dishwasher safe with this one predicate can the LunchBox problem-free and without damage to take in Dishwasher cleaned become.

  • microwave safe, filip® is heat resistant, food safe and does not reflect.

  • ovenproof, high quality stainless steel like our LunchBox, can without hesitation in the Oven be used.


Advantages of the stainless steel lunch box:

Compared to glass containers, the Cook & Keep lunch box is unbreakable and significantly easier take away.

free of pollutants (BPA/PTFE free)
antibacterial coated
and odorless


    1.3 liters volume content
    Length 22cm x width 15cm x height 6cm
    stainless steel container made of brushed stainless steel
    Lid made of platinum silicone with overpressure relief valve
    Microwaveable up to 1000 W
    Oven safe up to 200CC
    fridge and suitable for freezing to -20CC
    Contains no harmful substances, BPA Free, SQTS certificate


      Operation manual:

      Familiarize yourself with the product before using it for the first time.

      Please read the following points carefully and note the safety instructionse.

      Only use the stainless steel lunch box as described and for the specified area of ​​application.

      The lunch box filip is suitable for transporting hot and cold dishes..

      Other uses or changes to the product are considered improper and can lead to injuries and damage. We cannot assume any liability for damage resulting from improper use.

      In the oven or in the microwave always loosen or fully open the valve. Overpressure can occur under heat.
        Gebrauchsanweisung Ventil Lunchbox Mikrowelle

        In the microwave, the bottom of the stainless steel bowl must always be covered with water. The food, e.g. B. Rice, can leave burn marks.


          The lunch box <Heat in the microwave for 10 minutes at 1000 W.
            Lunchbox Anleitung Für Mikrowelle
            The stainless steel container and silicone lid are heat resistant up to 200C..


              Do not heat the lunch box over an open fire.

                Press the lid on the edge, otherwise the lunch box may leak. Always transport with the lid up


                  The silicone is sensitive to sharp objects.


                    2 year guarantee if used properly.

                      The stainless steel container and the silicone lid have been tested for harmful substances and certified (SQTS) by an independent laboratory. Certificates can be sent on request.