Drinking bottle PressaBottle | the healthy drinking style

Unique 💚 and just awesome!


With the launch of Pressa Bottle on the Swiss market, we have pursued two things that are close to our hearts: promoting one healthy lifestyle (#healthylifestyle) and the sustainability with a reusable water bottle.

Trinkflasche PressaBottle | Die einzigartige Presse

What we particularly like about this bottle is the unique integrated juicer. Through the simple Rotating and pressing mechanism (twist & press) you can press the fruit directly into the water and get a real, intense fruit aroma that puts any infused water in the shade. We call it pressed water. You can also fill the bottle up with water several times and continue squeezing the fruit.

Twist and press:

If you've used an infuser or detox bottle to flavor your water, you probably have one Disadvantage remarked: It has few The taste!

As a rule, fruits do not automatically release their flavor simply by letting them soak in water. The delicious juice stays trapped in the fruit unless you dip your hand in the water and squeeze it out. But who wants to do something like that!!

Trinkflasche Pressa Bottle | nachhaltig und gesund den Durst löschen


A simple and at the same time ingenious concept - just awesome!

  • You know exactly which ones Ingredients are in your drink
  • you have natural energiser
  • You get one with every sip freshness kick
  • Your metabolisml is of course supported
  • Your body becomes soluble with the water vitamins covered
  • You drink few calories
  • Your water is no longer tasteless, but has a fine aroma

No more carbonated soft drinks!

Trinkflasche PressaBottle mit integrierter Fruchtpresse by Naturify.ch

Anyone who has discovered Pressa Bottle knows that there are (almost) no limits to the imagination for fruit combinations. At this healthy indulgence people like to do without the unhealthy, carbonated and sugar-laden sweet drinks.

The new drinking culture means now „Let's twist and press  with the Pressa Bottle!

who is behind the unique drinking bottle from Canada?

The Hambly Brothers of Elora, Ontario, Canada and Debbie from Switzerland  (Photo: Mason, Jesse, Debbie and Luke)

The Hambly Brothers are the inventors the unique drinking bottle. We allowed them from the idea to market maturity support.

It is us very important, the partners and the product personal and good to know.

Ersatzteile Trinkflasche PressaBottle by Naturify.ch

Spare Parts:

Do you need a spare part of the Pressa Bottle? No problem, we have for you free replacement!

The Pressa Bottle is structured as follows:

1. Tritan or glass body or bottle

2. Basket or basket insert

3. Screw cap with integrated press in three different colors

4. Sleeve or protective cover in three different colors

get it contact with us, we want to keep your drinking bottle in the loop for as long as possible.


Do you already have your own Pressa Bottle?



Nachhaltige Trinkflasche PressaBottle by Naturify.ch