Soaps handmade | for healthier personal hygiene

Each piece of natural soap is unique

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Handmade soaps are a real alternative for people who use industrially manufactured products and shampoos want to replace non-toxic products .

With greatest care become the soaps by hand and in gentle cold process manufactured.

This makes each bar of soap unique!

What does cold process mean? 
The basic principle of soap making is that fats and oils are separated with the help of caustic sodabe saponified into soap.n.
In the cold process The process of saponification takes place after adding caustic soda to fats and oils at low temperature (under 40°c) instead of .

through the The manual saponification takes 24 hours and the Maturation process four to six weeks. Only then can the natural soaps be further processed.

A salting out the soap with common salt does not take place , that's what these natural soaps are for Very high quality .

The important skin-care active ingredients, such as glycerin, are retained.

Be used for making only pure vegetable oils out of environmentally friendly production used.

To natural to make delicately scented soaps , become 100% pure essential oils and freshly dried herbs added.


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All soaps included NO palm oil and NO preservatives! A natural product through and through.

Soaps should be allowed to dry after use:

In the scope of delivery is always one  soap pouch included.

Hang the wet soap in the soap bag over the sink or in the shower on. So the water drips off and the soap can air dry well . 

The Soap you can too use in the soap bag . The lathering then acts through the soap bag like a gentle peeling on your skin.  
You should be careful , that no soap scum got in the eyes .

If it happens anyway, you should rinse the eye out with warm water as soon as possible.

The Ingredients are listed on the label . We recommendAllergy sufferers to read them before using the natural soaps.

Each bar of soap is unique! The natural soaps are cut individually by hand and can therefore vary slightly in weight. They lose a little weight as they mature, but they become more substantial.
Fresh weight per piece is weighed over 100 grams

R important handling of natural soaps

shaving soap

So that the foam has enough space, choose a container that is only half filled with the soap. With a little warm water and a shaving brush, the soap is foamed briefly until a stable foam is formed. We wish you a good shave!

hair soap
To use the hair soap correctly, we recommend observing the following points:
To lather with the wet bar of soap directly onto wet hair
Lather hair
Rinse hair well with warm water
Rinse the hair with a sour shower (1 tablespoon lemon juice or 1 tablespoon vinegar in 1 liter of water)

      The soaps are suitable for all hair types and can be used for normal, dry and oily hair.

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