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Do you know the effects of essential oils??

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Essential oils are aromatic, highly concentrated plant extracts , which are carefully obtained by steam distillation, cold pressing or resin tapping.

Discover thepure power and effect of natural essential oils, oil blends and products enriched with essential oils.

The perfect oil for everyone: The versatile product range is used for body, hair, tooth and skin care, as well as make-up and much more.

Young Living oils and oil blends are in approved in Switzerland and suitable forcosmetic purposes.

The safety instructions for essential oils can be found under the following link:
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What Makes Young Living Essential Oil Products Special??

In the course of a Low temperature steam distillation process become Young Living oils particularly carefully manufactured and are therefore from special purity and accordingly effective .

Quality without compromise

100% pure products!

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The promise of quality "Seed to Seal" guaranteed the consumer highest quality assurance.

The Global Young Living family farmed the company owned farms and thereby sets the highest quality standard worldwide .

partner companies and suppliers are also "Seed to Seal" certified and contribute daily to the high quality requirement from the cultivation of the plants until  bottled  and  packed product at.


What are essential oils?

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Essential oils are aromatic plant extracts  out of  growing wild or cultivated herbs , trees and others Plant .

Won of course they will be through one of the following methods:

steam distillation,
cold press
resin tap

    How do I apply essential oils? 

    We'd love to show you personal the professional Application from

    essential oils
    essential oil blends
    Products enriched with essential oils

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