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Mother's Day | Giving is fun

In Switzerland, Mother's Day falls on May 14, 2023 this year.

But how did the day in honor of mothers actually come about??

It's time to say thank you to your mom again. Whether with flowers, something handmade like soap or just a few lovely lines.

Mother's Day is there to give the mothers Dto say thank you. With us in Switzerland the day in honor of mothers annually at the second Sunday in May.

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Tradition calls for paying attention to one's mother.

The origin of the Mother's Day tradition comes from the USA. In 1914, the US Congress passed a law declaring the second Sunday of May as a day of honor for mothers has been set.

But not only in the United States, but also in Great Britain, there had been corresponding efforts for a long time.

The origin of Mother's Day is attributed to American Methodist Anna Marie Jarvis. She had to honor her deceased Motherheld the Memorial Mother's Day Meeting on May 12, 1907. The date was not chosen accidentally, it was the Sunday after the second anniversary of her deather Mother.

Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis (the late mother), was one of the pioneers of honoring mothers. She had already set up a committee in 1868 to create a Mothers Friendship Day.n.

The tradition probably goes back even further in history. Because the Romans and Greeks already knew such worship rituals.

This is how Mother's Day came to Switzerland

A few years later, Mother's Day was introduced to other parts of the world, including Switzerland. At that time, the Salvation Army and the Unions Chrétiennes de Jeunes Gens de la Suisse Romande advocated the introduction.n.

The breakthrough did not come until 1930, however Florists', confectioners' and gardeners' associations with their promotion of Mother's Day gifts.

Give your beloved mother presents and make her happy with lovingly created handmade natural soaps in a soap box with a dedication!


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Pascale Rüber of the Natural soap factory in Stäfa Zurich created the Mother's Day Soap Boxes. offers six different subjects with six different finely scented natural soaps at:

  • Lavender Soap
  • Rose Soap
  • herbal soap
  • Forest scented soap
  • Chamomile Oil Soap
  • Marigold Soap

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Surprise your beloved mother with a unique, lovingly wrapped and nurturing gift.


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