Detoxen ist nicht Fasten -

Detoxing is not fasting

One detox should the rid the body of toxins. It's a detox.

Detoxing is not to be confused with fasting!

Anyone with a detoxlose weight would like,will only be successful in the short term.Dhe body loses weight due to the lack of calorie intake, but theYo-yo effect is pre-programmed. Juicing or abstaining from food are poor foundations for long-term weight loss. If yousuccessful andconsistent yourOptimize your weight and your health If you want, then dive into thestory ofSarah (live report) on.

Your liver is a true high-performance machine!

Yoursliver is the central organof metabolism and responsible for thedetoxification of your body.

About the holidaysshe usually has to do hard work . From this, eine reduced liver function result which with performance deficits expresses. Start the new year tired It doesn't have to be!!

What is detox exactly?

You can ask this question don't answer in general . There is no uniform definition of which toxins pollute the body.

through the suboptimal nutrition over the holidays increased alcohol and nicotine consumption and little sleep toxic residues can form in the body. Also stress , Electrosmog and bad indoor climate negatively affect the metabolism.

Can the organs with the amount of poisons not finish anymore clog the cells .

Then you feel sluggish , the skin becomes pale and you can sleep and metabolic disorders, such as   bowel problems to get .

That is why one should treat the affected organs, such as the kidneys and liver, detox regularly.

With the  Detox cure 30 days we offer a " revitalized detoxification "!

The product duo contains
- 1 pack epiprevital®
- 1 pack of methylosan®

Is the Gut fit and revitalized , it can be detoxified more efficiently and sustainably.

Yours intestinal flora andintestinal mucosa will through Epiprevital supported and accompanies the diverse tasks of the intestinal bacteria.

for one Wellfunctioning digestion are dietary fiber necessary. This indigestible food components stimulate the bacteria in the gut, what a healthy bowel activity encourages.

theingredients frommethylosan carry to onenormal liver function, normalfat metabolism andto thereduction in fatigue through  detoxat.

the co-nutrients , which are naturally present in the ingredients of methylosan, supplement the effect of vitamins and minerals .

Here's how to avoid one nutrient deficiency , which usually occurs during fasting and restricts your performance and feelings of hunger can trigger.

The combination epiprevital® and methylosane® works synergistic and does one important n contribution to yours wellbeing .

Accompanied by green smoothies, fine teas fresh fruit and vegetables power detox even Fun .


Now strengthen your body with theDETOX TREATMENT



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