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FAQ - Frequently asked questions with answers



What material is the PressaBottle Tritan drinking bottle made of??

Theplastic drinking bottles from Pressabottle are made from the high-quality tritan manufactured.

The thermoplastic is tasteless, food safe, heat resistant, unbreakable and dishwasher safe up to 80 degrees.

It is important that the composite in our drinking bottles Bisphenol-A free. (BPA free) .

The main carrier for bisphenol-A is polycarbonate. A hard, clear, high-performance plastic, as it can be used in a wide variety of areas due to its advantageous properties. The material is used in particular in the manufacture of food containers and reusable drinking bottles. The harmful epoxy resin (BPA) is not used as a protective coating for the production of Pressabottle drinking bottles.. 

Does the PressaBottle belong to the Infuser drinking bottles?

Much has been said about infuser bottles.

There is only worldwide a drinking bottle with i integrated fruit press!

With infuser bottles, you can add fruit to your drinking water in the inserted strainer.

If you've used an infuser bottle to flavor your water, you've probably noticed that it has little taste ! The reason is that fruits do not automatically give off their aroma when you put them in the water.

The Pressa Bottle was created to give drinking water a real, delicious and natural taste: you presses the fruits with their juice directly into your drink.

You can also fill hot drinks in the drinking bottle?

TheModel glass bottle with sleeve is for designed for hot and cold drinks . You can fill the glass bottle with hot water or hot tea without hesitation. thanks to Sleeve (has the property to protect you from burns from heat radiation) you can use the drinking bottle hold anyway and conveniently quench your thirst.

With heated water you can also whole exciting fruit recipes use. Pears, apples or even pineapples, which are difficult to press when cold due to their hard consistency, become soft and pressable with hot water or tea. Just try!

Is the sieve insert the seal at the same time??

The sieve insert (basket) is part of the fruit press and also serves as a seal for the bottle attachment.

The Pressa Bottle cannot be used without a sieve insert.

I don't like fruit pulp in my drink - what can I do about it?

Pressed fruit residues or berry pulp remain in the basket insert, provided this "capped" is.


It is IMPORTANT that you upper part of the basket insert (towards the mouthpiece) with oranges or lemons as a fill lid (cover). The berries, for example, squeezes it out completely and the grains of the berries, like the fruit pulp remain below the lid in the basket insert and in the drink.

The water then flows through the drinking canal healthy water-soluble vitamins and minerals , the fine fruity taste and the natural color in your mouth

fruit fibers and berry grains can thereby no longer reach the mouthpiece.

We ourselves press everything that is fine and healthy and that we have no fruit or berry pulp in the drinking channel. Try it.

What to consider when cleaning?

  1. Regular cleaning for healthy drinking pleasure is a must! It's simple, effective and also with natural, poison-free agents.

    Forget sponges, brushes or similar tools. The dishwasher doesn't clean properly either.

    The solution..... VINEGAR! 

    You always have vinegar at home. The antibacterial effect of vinegar kills germs and dissolves limescale like a pro.

    Regardless of whether you use it to clean the Tritan model or glass, the result is perfect.

    Fill the Pressa Bottle about a quarter full with vinegar and add warm water. Seal the bottle. Shake the mixture vigorously and then leave it on for two to three hours. Then rinse the bottle well - done!

  2. After cleaning of the bottle and the accessories (sieve, screw cap with integrated press) absolutely let dry well
  3. Never put together and put away when wet. The humidity cannot escape from any of the components when the bottle is closed. The promotes the growth of mold
  4. After cleaning in the dishwasher also all components let dry well , before the bottle is assembled and supplied.

My Pressa Bottle glass bottle broke. And now?


If your glass bottle fell down and you only have broken pieces, no problem! Shards bring luck :-)

We have a replacement for you.

Click on one of the following links and get your replacement bottle:

Is the basket insert available as a spare part for the Pressa Bottle?

Yes there is. Click on thefollowing link and you'll find your new basket insert.