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Organic Rooibos Herbs and Spearmint | Tea stick 20 pieces

Organic Rooibos Herbs and Spearmint | Tea stick 20 pieces

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Organic Alpine herbal tea

Organic tea stick instead of tea bags

The stick is one innovative solution for making a cup of tea.

He replaced comfortable the usual utensils such as tea bags, teaspoons and the tea infuser. Using the tea stick allows for clean and uncomplicated brewing.

  • No dripping
  • no bitterness

Organic Rooibos herbal tea with green mint

Treat yourself to the natural taste of nature and enjoy moment of relaxation!

Rooibos from the Cedar Mountains in south-west South Africa. Refreshing and wholesome through green mint and a touch of cumin. Without caffeine and with few tannins, it is a pleasure at any time of the day and for all ages. A harmonious family tea that also tastes unsweetened.


  • Color of the tea: copper-red
  • Tea blend of rooibos and green mint
  • Caffeine-free, few tannins
  • Typical, fresh, minty and spicy taste


  1. Put the stick in the cup
  2. dousing with hot water, Brewing temperature up to 100 degrees
  3. stir and 10 mins to let go
  4. Complete!

Unflavored herbal tea

Ingredients: Rooibos*, spearmint*.

Tea stick application

Unfassbar einfach in der Anwendung ist der raffiniert entwickelte TeeStick. Einfach Stick in die Tasse geben, heisses Wasser zugeben, ziehen lassen - fertig

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