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Starter Set | TeaStick bar with 40 teasticks & tea glass

Starter Set | TeaStick bar with 40 teasticks & tea glass

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Organic Alpine herbal tea

Organic tea stick instead of tea bags

The stick is one innovative solution for making a cup of tea.

He replaced comfortable the usual utensils such as teabags, teaspoons and the tea infuser. Using the tea stick allows for clean and uncomplicated brewing.

  • No dripping
  • no bitterness

The tea bar as a practical TeeStick dispenser

stocked with 40 organic TeaSticks:
  • organic Green tea with ginger & lemon
  • organic fruit tea with hibiscus & rosehip
  • organic Black tea Earl Grey
  • organic Rooibos Energy Guarana & Orange
  • organic Rooibos Caramel chill out
  • organic Rooibos spearmint
  • organic Black tea Assam
  • organic Black tea East Frisian mixture
  • organic herbal tea sweet hops
  • organic herbal tea sage, thyme and chamomile
  • organic chai tea Spicy Marsala
  • organic cold infusion Sencha & Lemon Myrtle
  • organic Herbal tea with peppermint
  • organic Hot lemon with vitamin C
  • organic Alpine herbal tea with lemon balm & verbena

Including 1 tea glass

The Eye-catcher for the moment of enjoyment!

  • Design protected
  • Keeps hot drinks hot longer and cold drinks cool longer.
  • Ideal for all hot and cold drinks
    • like tea
    • Coffee & Cappuccino
    • soup
    • desserts
    • Prosecco & cocktails
    • Great floating effect

Get a powerful taste experience of the highest organic tea quality

With the practical TeeStick dispenser, your guests and family are always well taken care of.

The TeaBar is suitable for the private household, for the Company kitchenette, the conference- or the Employee Break Room.

Elegant and practical at the same time and always with yours Favorite varieties can be filled.

BMI of the Tee Baar:

  • Height 25cm
  • Width 11 cm
  • Depth 19 cm

Tea stick application

 Unfassbar einfach in der Anwendung ist der raffiniert entwickelte TeeStick. Einfach Stick in die Tasse geben, heisses Wasser zugeben, ziehen lassen - fertig

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