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Spork stainless steel filip® | Fork-spoon with a cutting edge in the sleeve

Spork stainless steel filip® | Fork-spoon with a cutting edge in the sleeve

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Outdoor stainless steel cutlery

Functional food multi-tool utensil from filip®

  • Functional use: Outdoor tool with spoon-fork-knife combination
  • Durable material: Mirror surface, smooth edges, no rough spots, good thickness and weight for comfortable holding. Lightweight, durable stainless steel spoon and fork, easy to clean

  • 5 year guarantee & sustainability: We will replace your cutlery free of charge for 5 years if it becomes defective during use.

  • Optimal size for outdoor use of 18 cm: The fork tines are long enough to hold most types of food, and the spoon works well when eating soup and is also used for stabbing food. (knife effect)


  • Stainless steel cutlery
  • Length 18cm
  • 28g spoon capacity
  • Fork function
  • Spoon function
  • Knife function

The flexible safety loop included

Robust all-weather PET strap with sewn ends

Provided in an elastic band, The cutlery can be easily placed on any lunch box and lunch box. This means you always have the multitool with you when you do outdoor activities such as traveling, camping, hiking and climbing.


  • Flexible safety strap with cutlery pocket
  • Suitable for all lunch boxes from 19 cm to 28 cm
  • and from 2 cm to 8 cm (height)

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