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Truemorrow shaving

Premium Shaving Brush | made of metal anthracite vegan

Premium Shaving Brush | made of metal anthracite vegan

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Unique vegan quality  

truemorrow Logo the brush for a more sustainable and cost-saving wet shave.


  • the ideal complement for your daily shave
  • with optimally balanced weight distribution, for effortless lathering of your shaving soap or  natural soap
  • extra-soft, vegan bristles made of fine nylon provide a beautiful lather and a smooth shave
  • high-quality, pleasantly heavy metal handle with fine knurling for optimal grip
  • suitable for women and men, beginners and professionals and all body parts
  • Dimensions: 5.6 cm handle length / 10.7 cm total length

 That's why it's even more sustainable:

  • for a stylish, all-round sustainable shaving experience
  • with vegan nylon bristles (hygienic and animal-free)
  • in environmentally friendly packaging made of recycled cardboard
  • particularly durable thanks to high-quality alloys

It's as simple as that:

With dem  the vegan shaving brush you can experience shaving foam on a new level and complement your shaving routine. Premium Shaver perfekt.

Thanks to its fine bristles, it lathers up your shaving soap perfectly and prepares your skin and hair for your shave. 

The vegan bristles are soft, dry quickly, develop no odour and are durable.

With the high-quality, pleasantly heavy metal handle with fine knurling, you have an optimal grip when lathering up and applying.

With the shaving brush, you lather up shaving soap effortlessly and apply it to the skin. The application with your shaving brush makes the hairs stand up so that you can shave them off better and more gently. 



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