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Truemorrow shaving

Razor blades 10 pieces | Interchangeable blades wet shave

Razor blades 10 pieces | Interchangeable blades wet shave

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Unique quality and easy handling

truemorrow Logo the blade for a more sustainable and cost-saving wet shave.


  • 10 double-edged razor blades
  • sharp yet gentle on the skin
  • made in the blade city of Solingen Germany
  • fit all commercially available razors
  • stainless, ice-hardened, made of Swedish steel
  • suitable for all parts of the body

That's why it's even more sustainable:

  • 100% plastic-free (blades and packaging)
  • made in Germany and certified climate neutral product

For an easy & gentle shave:

The classic double-edged razor blades provide a safe shave for the entire body.

The double-edged blade achieves a particularly close shave and gently gives smooth and healthy skin. 

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