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Soap Dish Set | Magnetic holder for all soaps

Soap Dish Set | Magnetic holder for all soaps

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Minimalist magnetic holder set

 Soap holder formore sustainable and cost-saving hand washing .

  • Suitable for sinks, showers, bathtubs or tiles
  • Flex magnetic holder (with suction cup): sticks to all smooth surfaces
  • No more smeared soaps, bowls and shelves
  • Stylish storage of your natural soaps
  • Suitable for all soaps up to approx. 120 g

Therefore even more sustainable:

  • no unnecessary soap residue in the soap dish
  • dries your soap optimally and prevents waste
  • durable and reusable over and over again
  • will help you conveniently replace liquid soaps and plastic shampoos for years

This is how it works best:

1. Attach:

  • Suction cup: Breathe on the suction cup, press it onto the desired, previously cleaned area and use your finger and a little pressure to smooth out any air bubbles.

2. Attach soap:

  • Take your wet soap, push the metal plate in until the side is flat and let it dry once. This way the plate will stay in the soap the longest.

3. Done :

Now you can store your soap effortlessly, cleanly and minimalistically elegantly on the magnetic holder.

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