So macht Wasser-trinken Spass -

This is how drinking water is fun

With temperatures in the 30s, no wonder my hydration is above average!!

But, how do I motivate myself to drink enough water even at lower temperatures  

Trinkflasche PressaBottle | Damit Wasser-trinken Spass macht


The three asked themselves this question a few years ago Hambly Brothers from Canada also asked. Her Answer on it was the development of a unique bottle: The press bottle!

What makes this bottle so different?

It is the integrated fruit press. through the turning mechanism moves one tile down and presses out the pieces of fruit. This results in a delicious drink that not only tastes of water, but tastes like fruit.

Many fruits are suitable for this, above all, of course citrus fruits – Lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits. But also Berry and even Watermelon Chunks can do that in the Pressabottle Enrich water with fruit.

I fill the sieve with the fruits or. fruit pieces, possibly put another one outside the sieve peppermint, lavender or even rosemary sprig, pour Water up to the mark, insert the Lid and carefully close the bottle. Now I turn the lid on the turning mechanism, pushing the tile down and mine squeezes fruit. You see! My „pressed water“ is finished!

We are excited about this one ingeniously simple and simply ingenious drinking bottle!

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Kennst du die Trinkflasche Pressabottle schon?



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