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Mucous membranes need moisture

Dry air promotes the Dehydration of the skin and mucous membranes and thus increased  the risk of infection.

Therefore, sufficient humidity in the rooms is very important .

Is the humidity and pollution in the rooms Not in balance , can they Effects on our organism and Well-being from mood disorders to illnesses are sufficient:

  • Dry and itchy eyes
  • Allergic reaction
  • dizzy spells
  • drop in performance
  • Headache
  • malaise
  • odor nuisance
  • nervousness
  • Irritated airways

For the benefit of your health, always ensure a good feel-good climate in your own four walls!

Humidity is dependent on temperature!

In cold seasons, the Air through the Temperature drop very dry . je colder the air will, the fewer can she absorb moisture .
When you exhale when the outside temperature is cold, the humid air you breathe becomes as fog being visible.

The air can absorb the humidity of your breathing air not bind , therefore it becomes visible and later falls to the ground .

This cold and dry outside air arrives automatically by airing our living spaces .
The room air is Heat additionally dried out .
It's for ours wellbeing very important , a relative humidity of at least 40% up to 55% to have in our living quarters .

Humidity below 40% is commonly referred to as "dry air".

And no , Drying clothes in the apartment regulates your room climate not!

This Statement one hears a lot and is real incorrect !

The effect from air humidification by wet laundry of short duration . In order to set your room climate optimally over the cold season, additional and permanent air humidification .

Schleimhäute brauchen Feuchtigkeit -

Schleimhäute brauchen Feuchtigkeit -

That's why there are very good ones humidifier devices on the market.

The following technologies are available on the market:

Ultrasonic Nebulization: A membrane oscillating in the ultrasonic range transforms water into the finest mist, which is released into the room with the help of a fan. Since this fog is cold, there is no risk of burns. The lime filter cartridge filters lime from the water so that the mist that comes out is fresh, clean and lime-free. Ultrasound devices also require very little electricity.

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Evaporator: The water is heated up to the boiling point by a heating element and thus produces steam. In contrast to vaporizers and ultrasonic devices, vaporizers require a comparatively large amount of electricity. They are considered to be extremely powerful and ensure optimal distribution in the room. In addition, vaporizers produce completely sterile vapor without any accessories.

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We recommend the technology of evaporation: A specially treated filter cassette absorbs the water from the water tank. Fans move dry air through these soaked filter cartridges and blow the humidified air back into the room. The humidification is not visually visible.

Clear benefits :

  • natural release of moisture into the room
  • no over-humidification possible
  • antibacterial filters for a healthy and efficient humidification performance
  • Very little power consumption
  • Whisper quiet in operation
  • Easy cleaning of the devices
  • Inexpensive to purchase
  • Humidifier solution from the Stylies brand

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Do you want more to Humidification theme knowledge Write us, we are happy to pass on our knowledge.

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