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It it's worth it to the  colon Worries to wear .

Your intestines have an unimaginably large surface area so that nutrients can be absorbed efficiently.

Around build up defenses and to fight pathogens , there is a three-part barrier :

  • the intestinal bacteria
  • the intestinal mucosa
  • the immune system

One intact intestinal barrier is for our Health enormously important !

precondition for one intact intestinal barrier is a healthy intestinal flora .

More than 100 trillion bacteria live in your gut.They help with digestion, protect against pathogens and strengthen your immune system.

If your intestines are out of balance, functional disorders occur!

  • The organism is no longer optimally supplied with nutrients
  • deficiency symptoms arise
  • Diarrhea or constipation bother you
  • Fatigue and exhaustion spread
  • The immune system gets messed up
  • You become prone to illness

Our modern, often hectic lifestyle is in most cases responsible for one derailment of bowel function .

We then hardly have time for a healthy diet and resort to unhealthy snacks, what  overweight and malnutrition can promote.

the liveris thereby increased with contaminated with waste , which is exacerbated by smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. All of this affects digestion.

Oneintestinal cure supports and encourages it  wellbeing instantly .

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