Raw scents light as a feather with natural fragrances


Did you know that the Scents you smell, from the nose right into yours memory can be stored?

The olfactory receptors in the nose are directly connected to the area of ​​the brain responsible for emotions.

Pure, natural fragrances can already in the smallest quantities one cause positive mood changes. So our emotions are, among other things, influenced by our sense of smell.


The word "ethereal" comes from "ether" and means "fleeting, heavenly". There are Active ingredients, which in the form of tiny drops found in the leaf, root, resin, shell, wood, flower or fruit of plants.

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The oils are through Steam distillation, Cold pressing or Extraction obtained from plant parts. This requires large amounts of plant material.

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The holistic effect of the oils is due to many different natural biochemical ingredients in the plants.

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Today it is scientifically recognized that essential oils are natural extracts of powerful plants and can have an exceptionally efficient positive effect on people's health, beauty and well-being.

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Nathalie and Elena form a small family business in Switzerland and have up Room scents with 100% pure essential oils specialized.

Your goal is with their products to convey positive and harmonious scent experiences.

The room scents are made by them lovingly, with own recipes and by hand mixed together.
They connect Expertise with creativity and can on wide experiences in the creation of scents To fall back on.



Nathalie (Left in the picture) and Elena (right in the picture) have completed the basic knowledge of aromatherapy with an expert and continually attend further training courses to stay up to date.

Quality without compromise!

The essential oils used for our home fragrances are all

  • 100% natural
  • mostly biological certified
  • without synthetic additions
  • paraben free and not from genetically modified plants
  • Free of Fragrance and preservatives
  • Not tested on animals
  • by hand mixed together individually

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For ecological and quality reasons, the fragrance raw materials always come from the country where the plant in question grows and is harvested.

Our room fragrances are made with 100% pure essential oils and are neither medicines nor cosmetics, but are classified as necessities. Nevertheless, numerous studies have proven the positive effects of purely essential oils in general.

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