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Organic fruit tea berry sextet

TeeStick | Bio FrüchteTee Beeren Sextett | Naturify

A fruit tea with hand-picked hibiscus flowers from Burkina Faso in West Africa. Some of the pieces of fruit, leaves and spices come from wild harvesting and contain no caffeine and few tannins. A berry-fruity, juicy thirst quencher with a mild acidity for young and old. A wonderful pleasure hot or ice-cold..

Flavored fruit tea with berry flavor.
Ingredients: hibiscus blossoms*, rose hips*, natural fruit flavor, apple pieces*, blackberry leaves*, liquorice root*, acidifier: citric acid, natural herbal flavor.

Organic Rooibos Caramel Chill Out

TeeStick | Bio Rooibos Caramel Chill Out | Naturify

Rooibos from the Cedar Mountains in south-west South Africa. Aromatic, caramel-scented chill-out tea with a delicate sweetness for any time of the day or night. Without caffeine and with few tannins. Mild and digestible, it unites Africa & Europe.

Flavored rooibos tea with caramel flavor.
Ingredients: Rooibos*, maple sugar flakes*, amaranth grains*, natural caramel flavor*, natural spice flavor, natural fruit flavor.

Organic Rooibos Herb Spearmint

TeeStick | Bio Rooibos-Kräuter Grüne Minze | Naturify

Rooibos from the Cedar Mountains in south-west South Africa. Refreshing and wholesome thanks to spearmint and a touch of caraway without caffeine and with few tannins, a pleasure at any time of the day and for all ages. A harmonious family tea that also tastes unsweetened..

Unflavored herbal tea.
Ingredients: Rooibos*, spearmint*.

Organic Green Tea Ginger Lemon

TeeStick | Bio GrünerTee Ingwer-Zitrone | Naturify

Green tea from Darjeeling in northeastern India from the slopes of the Himalayas. Bitter-free, stimulating and harmonizing with a light lemon freshness. A light, unfermented lover's tea with little caffeine. Enjoy it as an antioxidant pure and unsweetened or with honey.

Flavored green tea with lemon flavor.
Ingredients: Green Darjeeling*, ginger*, natural lemon flavor*.

Organic herbal tea sweet hops

TeeStick | Bio Kräutertee Süsser Hopfen | Naturify

A herbal and spice tea with organic hops from the Hallertau and fennel from Egypt. Antioxidant with bitter substances, without tannins and without caffeine, it is soothingly digestible with a delicate bittersweet taste. Balancing for sweet dreams.e.

Unflavored herbal, spice and fruit tea.
Ingredients: Licorice root*, fennel*, rooibos*, citrus peel*, cinnamon*, hop cones*, ginger*.

Organic Alpine Herbs Lemon Balm Verbena

TeeStick | Bio AlpenKräuter Melisse-Verbene| Naturify

The digestible herbal mixture comes from Swiss and other European mountain regions and is partly harvested in a complex wild collection. Contains tannins and bitter substances, no caffeine. Tenderly tart pleasure with strengthening properties beneficial for the immune system..

Unflavoured herbal tea.
Ingredients: lemon balm*, lemon verbena*, marigold blossoms*, yarrow*, thyme*, hop cones*.

Organic peppermint

TeeStick | Bio Pfefferminze | Naturify

A soothing herbal tea with pure peppermint. This pure herbal tea strengthens and soothes with soothing, fragrant, essential peppermint oil (menthol) and contains few tannins and bitter substances, no caffeine. Also a pleasure ice-cold with a dash of lemon and a little honey or to spice up pure (mineral) water.

Unflavored herbal tea.
Ingredients: Peppermint*.

Organic Rooibos Energy Guarana Orange

TeeStick | Bio Rooibos Energy Guarana-Orange | Naurify

Rooibos from South Africa with Guarana energy from the rainforest of Brazil. A trend tea that slowly but persistently invigorates and tastes delicately orange-fruity. A revitalizing source of energy with few tannins for individualists with their finger on the pulse.

Flavored rooibos tea with orange flavor.
Ingredients: Rooibos*, guarana*, natural citrus flavor.

Organic Earl Gray Black Teae

TeeStick | Bio Earl Grey – Schwarzer Tee | Naturify

Black tea from the Indian plateau of Assam, the largest contiguous tea-growing region in the world. A fermented British tea classic with a strong aromatic taste. Contains tannins and stimulating caffeine. Classically elegant with a refreshing note of bergamot.

Flavored black tea with bergamot flavor.
Ingredients: Black Tea Assam*, Natural Bergamot Flavor*.

Organic Chai Spicy Masala

TeeStick | Bio Chai Spicy Masala | Naturify

Black tea from South India (Nilgiri). A region where small tea gardens characterize the landscape. An organic spice tea aromatic, spicy, warming. Contains tannins and little caffeine. A treat with milk froth and honey as a chai latte. The hottest seduction since 1001 nights.ht.

Flavored black tea with vanilla, cream, ginger flavor.
Ingredients: Black tea Nilgiri*, cinnamon*, ginger*, cardamom peel*, citrus peel*, natural spice aroma, natural caramel aroma*, spice oil*.öl*.

Organic Assam Black Teae

TeeStick | Bio Assam – Schwarzer Tee | Naturify

Black tea from the Assam plateau in India. A fermented classic with a full, balanced taste. Dark but not bitter, malty aromatic and soft, contains tannins and caffeine. Also very tasty East Frisian style with milk/cream & Kluntjes.s.

Unflavoured black tea.
Ingredients: Black Tea Assam*.

Organic East Frisian Blend Black Tea

TeeStick | Bio Ostfriesen Mischung Schwarzer Tee | Naturify

A stimulating premium leaf tea with many golden tips from the Assam region. Contains tannins and caffeine. Its mild yet spicy, malty flavor tastes best with milk, cream and Kluntjes (rock candy). But it is also a fine Nordic-Frisian gourmet tea on its own.

Unflavoured black tea.
Ingredients: broken tea*.

Organic herbal tea sage-thyme-chamomile

TeeStick | Bio Kräuter-Tee Salbei-Thymian-Kamille | Naturify

A soothing herbal tea with different country-specific sage varieties. This herbal mixture with thyme and chamomile from German organic cultivation promotes well-being with fragrant essential plant oils. Contains tannins and bitter substances, no caffeine. The special herbal mixture against the frog in the throat.“.

Unflavoured herbal tea.
Ingredients: Sage*, thyme*, chamomile*, lemon balm*, liquorice root*.

Organic Christmas tea

TeeStick | Bio Weihnachts-Tee | Naturify

A berry-spicy fruit/spice tea with hand-picked hibiscus blossoms from Burkina Faso, pieces of apple from Turkey, warming spices such as cinnamon (fair trade), cloves and ginger, finely rounded off with liquorice and chicory root. A spicy fruit tea for the atmospheric Advent and Christmas season..

Flavored fruit and spice tea mixture.
Ingredients: Hibiscus blossoms*, natural rum & spice aroma, apple pieces*, ginger*, rosehip peel*, liquorice root*, cinnamon (Fairtrade)*, chicory root*,

Organic Cool Fresh Sencha Lemon Myrtle

TeeStick- Bio Kühle Frische Sencha Zitronenmyrte | Naturify

cold infusion! – Refreshing and thirst-quenching, especially in the hot summer months, with a pleasantly lasting cooling effect. The antioxidants in Chinese green tea are retained particularly intensively during cold infusion and can therefore fully develop their positive properties.

Flavored green tea and liquorice blend with lemon myrtle flavor / cold infusion (10)..
Ingredients: Green tea Sencha*, licorice root*, natural lemon myrtle aroma*.

Bio Citro-Stick Hot lemon tea with natural vitamin CC

TeeStick | Bio CitroStick – Heisse Zitrone mit natürlichem Vitamin C | Naturify

The tried and tested, traditional home remedy with protective properties can now be easily prepared in no time at all. Soothing and vitamin-giving, especially in the cold season, the CitroStick contains the complete, natural vitamin complex from the organic acerola cherry. Finely rounded off with 100% organic lemon pulp and zest, organic cane sugar and a touch of organic ginger.er.

dietary supplements.
Ingredients: Cane sugar*, acerola fruit powder*, acidifier citric acid, lemon pulp with lemon peel*, natural lemon flavor, ginger*, natural ginger flavor.

Organic Mulled Wine Spice Garam Masala
TeeStick | Bio Glühwein Gewürz Garam Masala | Naturify

An unsweetened blend of spices with exotic ingredients.
The finest cinnamon in the world from Fairtrade smallholder cooperatives in Sri Lanka and hand-picked cloves with their warm, spicy aromas, paired with citrus peel, aniseed, ginger and cardamom, round off all kinds of hot drinks such as wine, juice, punch, tea, coffee or milk in an exotically oriental way away.
Mulled wine and punch spices for red and white wine, spiced milk, juices (apple punch, grape punch), chai tea, chai latte, spiced coffee/cocoa, hot tea cocktails, tea/coffee/kids punch, fire tong punch..
A journey around the world with spices, sweetened with pleasure, for inner warmth.

Flavored blend of spices/fruits/herbs.
Ingredients: Rosehip peel*, citrus peel*, cinnamon (Fairtrade)*, aniseed (star anise)*, cloves*, ginger*, licorice root*, cardamom peel*, black pepper*, spice oil*, natural spice aroma.

* from controlled organic cultivation


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