Tea Stick | The new pleasure of tea

Tea culture in perfection

The Bio TeeStick impresses with its taste, enjoyment and simple tea preparation drip-free tea filter with integrated stirring function.

The innovative design of the stick replaces the classic tea bag and guarantees a tasty, aromatic organic tea infusion.


The ingeniously developed tea stick is incredibly easy to use. Simply Put the stick in the cup , add hot water, let steep - complete! 

The unique aroma packaging made of paper

Filter fleece:

The fleece ensures maximum enjoyment and prevents annoying dripping.
Specially designed case

The water can circulate through the perforation. Taste and effect unfold excellently.

The spoon replacement is born

The stable stick is suitable for stirring and your fingers stay clean.

Each TeeStick is individually aroma-sealed!


100% from renewable and natural raw materials
Completely biodegradable
without genetic engineering
Vegan, non-petroleum based

Produced with solar power