Cactus leather | the leather alternative

Environmentally friendly and natural!

So far, the versatile faux leather is the leather alternative most used by fashion manufacturers.

The imitation plastic is usually made from petroleum and contains non-biodegradable substances.

Plant-based material made from cactus therefore represents a more sustainable alternative to leather.

Cactus Leather is made from the Nopal cactus (Known as prickly pear cactus) manufactured and applied to a cotton base surface for stabilization.

While heavy metals such as chromium are used to preserve animal skins, No toxic chemicals are used in the production of cactus leather.

In addition, they are Cacti are a renewable raw material and, in contrast to leather production, one of the most water-intensive industries in the world, require just a little water.

The nopal cactus is grown in Mexico.

Animal-free leather based on cactus is very breathable and durable. The material is also particularly durable and flexible at the same time.

Visually, cactus leather is in no way inferior to real leather, which is why it can be used in just as many ways:

  • from shoes
  • and Bags
  • above Wallets
  • Clothing up to
  • to car seats 

    The inventors of cactus leather

    Cactus leather was invented by two Mexicans, Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez.

    After working on the development of cactus leather for two years, they founded the start-up Desserto in 2019.

    The founders had previously worked in the furniture, automotive and fashion industries and wanted to invent an organic leather alternative that would have less impact on the environment. The aspect of sustainability was particularly important to them.

    Desserto supplies cactus leather to fashion companies, which then make products from it.

    The Swiss company Zoccolillo 

    Eveline Zoccolillo, a full-blooded entrepreneur, family manager and known for the pursuit of timeless quality, founded Zoccolillo fashion in 2016.

    You strive for materials of the highest quality Eveline has something to combine with craftsmanship personal mission made.

    For the new cactus line Signature Eveline set up the entire manufacturing chain through her company Bolso GmbH.

    Only the best quality, guaranteed without child labor and verifiably made from naturally degradable materials are used for processing.

    The suppliers, the designers, you as a manufacturer and above all they customers is with the Very satisfied with cactus products.

    Nobody is disadvantaged or even exploited.

    We know Eveline and their products personal and are yourself enthusiastic from her female power as well as from the handbags, wallets, cosmetic bags and key rings made of cactus leather.

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    Your Debbie & Dany