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Perfect wet shave for HIM & HER

Tips for the perfect shave

A wet shave is a thorough and clean way to remove body hair. At the same time, every shave takes its toll on the skin.

Here are some tips, how to care for your skin when shaving wet treated most gentlywithout having to forego a perfect shaving result.

TIP 1: Prepare the skin well for a wet shaveIn order to soften the hair to be shaved and open the pores, moist heat is best. This can be done very stylishly with hot compresses or with warm water in the shower.


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TIP 2: It is not necessary to use additional shaving gel or shaving foam. But appropriate Shaving products naturally help to soak the hair and create a lubricating film. 

They are suitable for this handmade shaving soaps or handmade hand and body soaps especially, like those offered in our shop. This means there are fewer superficial injuries and skin irritations. Natural soaps also contain soothing and nourishing substances. The SHEA BUTTER IN OUR SHAVING SOAP PROVIDES THE SKIN INTENSELY WITH MOISTURE AND SOOOMS IRRITATED SKIN.


TIP 3: Shave with the grain or against it That's the crucial question. Many people are convinced that only shaving against the grain is truly thorough. This may be true in tricky areas, but in principle you risk more injuries and the typical razor bumps.  It is therefore ideal to first shave in the direction of growth and then, perhaps in a second pass, only work in difficult areas against the direction of growth.


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TIP 4: Very important: replace the blades regularly. Because then fewer strokes are needed and shaving in the direction of growth works better. The thicker the hair, the more often it needs to be changed, but at the latest after the 10th to 14th shave. During and after shaving, the blades should be rinsed with hot water..


TIP 5: After shaving, rinse off the foam from the shaving soap on your skin, first with warm water and then with ice-cold water. This causes the pores to close again. If you use a handmade shaving soap for shaving, you won't need aftershave after shaving. Your skin is already moisturized and has a pleasant scent.


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