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Father's Day | surprise your daddy

A custom in honor of the fathers

Father's Day, also known as Men's or Men's Day, is a nice custom for your beloved dad, dad, dad or daddy.

Father's Day was established as a national holiday in the United States and Canada in 1910.

It is considered a day to commemorate the positive qualities of fathers and their commitment to the family. The day goes back to medieval customs, according to which a men's festival was celebrated every year on Ascension Day (mid-May).

Even today, the holiday remains a great opportunity to show your father just how much he means to you.

Vatertag | Fathers's day |

But how do you surprise your father??

Well, on the one hand you can give him something that he doesn't already have and that he might have wanted for a long time.

On the other hand, you can give him an experience that he will not soon forget. A voucher for a great day at a spa or an excursion is always well received.

Fathers also value good personal care products.

Have you ever thought of giving a shaving kit for Father's Day? Shaving kits make great gifts because they are useful and practical. In addition, wet shaving is trendy and iconic at the same time..

Do you know the advantages of a wet shave??

  • The skin becomes supple and soft
  • Wet shaving is a more thorough method to stubble to removed
  • It also prevents hair from growing back quickly.
  • she is very environmentally friendly and power saving
  • and wet shave saves the budget in the long run

Are you looking forward to that too? moment of surprise and the Smile in his eyes?

We kids are all waiting for that moment!

Let's give our father an unforgettable moment or an eventful day.

Just take a look at our range for wet shaving. Maybe you find THE GIFT for your daddy!

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