Stoffwechsel ankurbeln und dabei abnehmen -

Boost metabolism and lose weight at the same time

Do you have anything for the holidays? hip gold " collected?

Healthy fat metabolism promotes one advantageous figure and gives you noticeably more energy!

Stoffwechsel ankurbeln und dabei abnehmen -

Things should get better in the new year. At least that's what many of them do every year.

Losing weight is the top priority when it comes to good intentions!t!

Obesity has now become a widespread disease. The high quality of life in Switzerland also means that many with the fight waistline have. The reason for this is a greatly reduced fat burning. The energy cannot be obtained from the fat tissue, but must be made available via the sugar in the blood. So-called food cravings suddenly tear in.

Belly fat is not only visually undesirable, it also increases the heart risks and risk of stroke .



Epigenosan Stoffwechsel ankurbeln und dabei abnehmen -

Epigenosan can boost fat burning and so about a reinforced metabolic combustion the melt unnecessary kilos.


It has been scientifically proven that the only way to lose pounds is through a increased fat burning is possible.


Epigenosan contains two different capsules:

  • A morning capsule , which promotes the basal metabolic rate
  • A lunch capsule , which positively influences post-meal metabolic flexibility

This makes it easier for the metabolism to burn fat.

The formula and application of epigenosan are protected by a patent.

You can find more information atfollowing link

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