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Think about the environment: How can your home become a healthier, more natural and pollution-free environment will We have solutions for a healthier lifestyle.

Thieves Latherm


clean , Sagittarius and take care of your skin with the foaming hand soap.

The soap foam is enriched with essential oils a gentle alternative to conventional soap,

Enriched with:

  • Thieves oil blend
  • pure lemon and orange oil
  • aloe
  • Ginkgo biloba
  • vitamin E

    Thieve's dish soap


    With naturally derived ingredients,cleans dishes effectivelywithout aggressive chemicals, colorings or artificial ingredients.

     Perfumed with essential oils:

    • jade
    • lemon
    • clove
    • Cinammon
    • eucalyptus
    • rosemary

    Thieves Laundry Soape

    The Thieveslaundry soap cleans clothes in a gentle, natural way leaving no chemical or synthetic residue.

    Perfumed with essential oils:

    • bergamot
    • clove
    • Cinammon
    • rosemary
    • eucalyptus

    Thieves Household Cleanersr

    Experience the powerful effect of Thieves household cleaners..

    With that you get stains and other pollution in the household just in the handle.

    Perfumed with essential oils:

    • Thieves Oil Blend
    • Lemon

    My home is my castle!