Error-free texts are definitely better received!

Ein Text muss korrekt geschrieben sein | Ich korrigiere deinen Text bis er fehlerfrei ist | editext

Correct - write errors without errors

A text must be written correctly.

I'll correct your text until it error-free is error-free.

  • If yourn readers about Spelling and grammatical errors If you stumble, it is very annoying and can seem incomprehensible.
  • If due to incorrect punctuation If your text is incorrect or not understood, you are missing the mark?.
  • If you Typo Typing error If you've overlooked it, that's also embarrassing and you won't present a good image to the target audience.

Conclusion: Error-free Texts are definitely better received!


Proofreading from a single source

A good text fulfills certain things criteria and is on his Target audience tailored.

I check and already editing corrected Texts based on the following criteria:

  • Reader-friendly: You want your target audience to like your text gladly reads and also understands?
  • Logical: It's important to you that he sensible built up is  
  • Precise: To get to the point and your readers Key message Your goal is to convey  
  • Stimulating: The audience to read through animate is one of your priorities  

When proofreading, I pay attention to the following elements:

  • Nested sentences
  • Choice of words
  • expression, style
  • Inconsistent spellings
  • Leaps of thought
  • Mixed twists
  • Crooked images
  • Unintentionally colloquial

 You will receive the corresponding information from me in the comment function (Word document). Suggestions for improvement, which you can take over directly if you wish:

Conclusion: A text from a single source is a pleasure!


A superficial one control of uniform typography and Depiction as well as a sensible one layout are already at proofreading included. However, if you have one in-depth revision or Feedback If you would like to do this, this will be agreed and charged separately.



I'm still editing one step further. This is particularly advantageous for longer texts. The corrected and proofread I examine the text again based on the following aspects:

  • How is the Construction of the text, for example, the different parts are sensibly transitioned into one another ? 
  • Is the chosen one Language uniform and appropriate Type of text and target group  
  • Does the text achieve that? Goalthat wants to be conveyed  
  • Does the text meet the requirements? expectations the reader

Conclusion: You have to see the common thread!


Writing coaching

I would be happy to give you tips on how to write your text design well can. As yours personal writing coach I will accompany you on your way to a larger writing project.

We'll work it out together suitable structure and pay attention sensible transitions. This is what I call "weave the red thread into it”. We are considering who the text must read and understand and what language fits to.

At the end there should be a text from the same mould standing there, being the one goal achieved. A text that goes from beginning to end for the Happy ending read and also understood becomes.



If I read your text correct and proofread, I can, if you wish, for free one Return message about your work regarding the following points:

  • Content and structure
  • Style/Language
  • correctness

This is for yours future written works of great importance To use. The analysis reflects what you good have done, but also where you Potential for improvement and have to be careful next time.



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