Der Valentinstag und sein Geheimnis -

Valentine's day and its secret

Have you ever wondered where the... Valentine's Day his origin has?

Well, one of the Legends tells that the Saint Valentine In the 3rd century in Rome, Roman legionnaires married secretly according to the Christian rite, despite the ban. He should also serve the lovers Flowers from his garden have given.

While in Europe as lovers Maybe go out for a nice meal and write each other cards and/or give small gifts, Valentine's Day is all about that in the USA not just to lovers, but to all loved ones.

Surprising things about Valentine's Day

🥳 Valentine's Day is a (non-working) holiday known all over the world. It is the second most famous celebrated day after New Year.

🇫🇮 In Finland, Valentine's Day is called Ystävänpäivä, which means Friends Day. This is because the day is not only dedicated to your partner, but also to your friends.t.

💞 The online partner search platform Parship enjoyed around 20-30 percent more registrations on Valentine's Day.n.

💐 On Valentine's Day, 73 percent of flowers are sold to men and only 27 percent to women.

🌹 120 million roses are sold worldwide on the day of love. This corresponds to around 170 truckloads.

💍 More than 220,000 marriage proposals are made worldwide on Valentine's Day. For comparison: 70,000 people fit into the Allianz Arena in Munich.

👄 Two lovers shared the longest kiss in the world on Valentine's Day 2013 in Bangkok: without any interruption, this kiss lasted an incredible 58 hours, a world record! That's more than two days..

🎁 13.5 billion euros are spent worldwide on jewelry, cards, food, etc. around Valentine's Day.

💵 On average, Germans spend 25 euros on a Valentine's Day gift. The French and British tend towards 100 euros.

🍫 Sweets, especially chocolate, make over a billion euros in profits worldwide on the day of love.

🍬 36 million heart-shaped chocolate boxes will be produced worldwide for February 14th. Even for a small box, that's equivalent to an area of ​​over 2,000 football fields.

🔒 On Valentine's Day, couples often lock a love lock on a bridge, make a wish and then throw the key into the water.

📅 The first Valentine's Day chocolate box was made in 1868.

🐕 Around 14 percent of Germans would rather spend Valentine's Day with their pet than their partner.

♥ One in five singles confess their love to someone on Valentine's Day.

💌 Approximately one billion letters are sent worldwide every year for Valentine's Day. If you put them all next to each other, the area would be equivalent to almost 100 football fields.

📫 Approximately one billion Valentine's Day cards are given around the world every year and 85 percent are sent by women.

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