filip® | die neue LunchBox im Set ist eingetroffen -

filip® | the new LunchBox in a set has arrived


COOKING, STORING, carrying around LEAK-PROOF and heating up in the MICROWAVE - no problem for filip..

You love carefully prepared food made from quality ingredients Your meal stays fresh and tasty, on the go or at home.  

The stainless steel tank is extremely robust. That's why you can have your food in the Regenerate microwave or prepare Heat in the oven up to 200Cn and even to make it last freeze in the freezer.

The new set with a fork-spoon combination and a bamboo plate FSC is simply brilliant!

Lunchbox Edelstahl filip | Vorratsdose

  • stainless steel container made of brushed stainless steel
  • Lid made of platinum silicone with overpressure relief valve
  • Sleeve security band with cutlery compartment
  • Including ingenious spoon-fork-knife combination
  • With bamboo lid-plate combination FSC

The new outdoor stainless steel cutlery


  • Functional use: Outdoor tool with a combination of spoon, fork and knife

  • durable material: Mirror surface, smooth edges, no rough spots, good thickness and weight for comfortable holding. Lightweight, durable stainless steel spoon and fork, easy to clean

  • Optimal size for the outdoor area of ​​18 cm: The prongs of the fork are long enough to hold most types of food, and the spoon works well for eating soup and also for scooping food. (knife effect)

  • With the sleeve by filip:: Furnished in elastic band, lthe cutlery can be easily placed on any lunch box and lunch box. So you always have the multitool with you when you are traveling, camping, hiking and climbing for outdoor activities.

Secure now your filip® in a set at an introductory price!


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