Intakte Darmbarierre -

Intact intestinal barrier

A healthy intestine ensures well-being and mobilizes your immune system.

Your intestines have an unimaginably large surface area so that nutrients can be absorbed efficiently.

Around build up defenses and to fight pathogens , there is a three-part barrier :

  • the intestinal bacteria
  • the intestinal mucosa
  • the immune system

One intact intestinal barrier is for our Health enormously important !

Pre-condition for one intact intestinal barrier is a healthy intestinal flora .

More than 100 trillion bacteria live in your gut.They help with digestion, protect against pathogens and strengthen your immune system.

If your intestines are out of balance, functional disorders occur!

  • The organism is no longer optimally supplied with nutrients
  • deficiency symptoms arise
  • Diarrhea or constipation bother you
  • Fatigue and exhaustion spread
  • The immune system gets messed up
  • You become prone to illness

Our modern, often hectic lifestyle is in most cases responsible for one derailment of bowel function .

We then hardly have time for a healthy diet and resort to unhealthy snacks, what overweight and malnutrition can promote.

The liver is thereby increased with contaminated with waste , which is exacerbated by smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. All this impairs digestion and the good gut feeling.“.

To the normal function of yourimmune system tostrengthen, we recommend you theDarmkur Plus Box 41-day plan.

Be strong against viruses and bacteria!


Darmkur Intakte Darmbarierre -
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Ich kann diese Darmkur nur empfehlen. Ich hatte keine Nebenwirkungen, keine Blähungen, Völlegefühl und war schneller satt. Ohne Umstellung meiner Essgewohnheiten habe ich nebenbei 2,5 kg abgenommen.

Gwerder Uschi

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