Neroli Öl 5ml -
Neroli Öl 5ml -
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Neroli Oil 5ml

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That oil from head to toe

A exotic , lemony and floral aroma , perfect for times when things get hectic and challenging.

The essential oil of the special class, specially prepared from extracted bitter orange blossom.


Refresh your face

Apply neroli oil to face. We recommend using a damp cotton pad two drops Drizzle over neroli and sweep over face. Avoid the eye area.

Delicate toes

Treat your toes to a treat with a neroli-enriched foot bath, just like they deserve.

vibrant curls

neroli also provides plenty of moisture for hair when combined with hair care products. It works against tangled hair and split ends.

Fill a spray bottle with 200ml of water and add 50ml of your hair conditioner. Add 5 drops of neroli to this. Shake well and apply to damp hair while combing.

Living skin

This essential oil is steam distilled from exotic orange blossoms a secret weapon in skin care! A steam bath for the face and your complexion will shine again.

Simply pour 400ml of hot water into a bowl and add 3 drops of neroli to each. Then put your face over the bowl, put a towel over your head and enjoy the moment!

Other applications:

  • directly on your soles Instruct
  • from the inhale bottle
  • Combine your Massage oil with a few drops of neroli for relaxed moments

Suitablefor nebulization with aaroma diffuser

Quality without compromise!