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When you have a dog, you only want the best🐾

General information:

How do I use essential oils on my dog?

Because dogs have a sensitive nose, it's best to gradually get used to it, applying oils to small areas at first.

No application for puppies!
turnno oils atpuppies at.
For medium to large breeds, it is best to wait until the puppies are older than 8 weeks before using essential oils.

control behavior!
When using essential oils, keep an eye on your dog's behavior. If he feels uncomfortable or irritated, check the dosage!

Should I see a vet? 
If your dog has health problems, please follow the vet's advice.

Only use oils externally!
External use means applying or spraying the product directly onto the body.
The PetScent products are specially developed for animals and are already heavily diluted. You can find detailed information on the dilution on the bottle or below in the description.

What should I do if something gets in my eyes?
Never wash out with water! Take a carrier oil (can also be olive oil) and rub it on the area. This immediately neutralizes and takes away the pain.

Which PetScent oils can I use for my dog?
There are five lovingly made essential oil blends that you can pamper your furry friends with. The products are then described.

With the purchase of the PetScent products you support a non-profit organization!
A portion of PetScents proceeds support a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the habitats of grizzly bears and other wildlife.


Young Living oils and oil blends are in approved in Switzerland and suitable forcosmetic purposes.

The safety instructions for essential oils can be found under the following link:
Click on thelink for more informations


suitable for the skin cleansing , promotes the cell renewal and we call it that tick scare!

Enriched with essential oils such as lemongrass and myrtle .
  • patchouli oil
  • lavender oil
  • mountain savory oil
  • Palo santo oil
  • Citronella oil



leaves your darling fresh and gorgeoussmell, cleanses the skin and supports regeneration.

Enriched with essential oils such as lemongrass, tea tree and myrtle.
  • myrrh oil
  • Dorrado Azul Oil
  • patchouli oil
  • oregano oil


spoil your darling after one exhausting or hectic time with this

soothing and lovingly developedoil blend.

Enriched with essential oils such as sandalwood and frankincense.
  • tangerine oil
  • lavender oil
  • chamomile oil
  • sandalwood oil
  • frankincense oil



suitable for the grooming . Promotes a soft and healthy looking fur and

donates dry skin moisture .

Enriched with earthy frankincense oil.
  • geranium oil
  • lavender oil
  • hyssop oil
  • frankincense oil



Pure wellness for them winter months! Promotes the Detoxification and supports the immune system.

Enriched with mint essential oils.
  • ginger oil
  • anise oil
  • peppermint oil
  • cumin oil
  • Spearmint Oil

Application of the oils:

Carefully apply directly depending on the size of the dog;
The easiest way is to massage evenly onto the coat and skin with an Aroma Glide roller attachment on the bottle.
Spray carefully with a spray on;
Important, only use glass bottles. Fill the oil mixture diluted with water into the bottle, screw on the attachment, shake well before use and spray the fur with it. Then massage in by hand and comb through if necessary.
  • Apply to back, stomach or behind ears
  • Be careful not to get anything in your eyes!
  • No liquid must get into the auditory canals!
 Recommended dilution ratios if required:
  • Small dogs up to 05 kg / 10:1
  • Medium-sized dogs up to 13 kg / 5:1
  • Large dogs up to 29 kg / 3:1
  • Large dogs from 30 kg / 1:1


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