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Cinnamon Bark (Cinnamon Bark) Oil 5ml

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The noble digestive aid

Cinammon , extracted from the inner bark of a tropical evergreen tree, is used for warm, soothing aroma valued.

  • Appetite and intestinal stimulants Characteristics
  • helps against flatulence and fullness
  • cinnamon massage can  against cellulite prevent


As spice oil: Very little for seasoning  in food or pastries use.

As a perfume : Great in combination with Tea Tree, Orange or Frankincense. Create your personal scent!

For skin care: Add a few drops to body butter, shower gel or carrier oil and apply directly to skin.

To inhale : Inhale the spicy scent directly from the oil bottle or diffuse the scent into your living room with a diffuser.

For taking a bath : Treat yourself to a warm bath by adding 6-8 drops to the bath water. Inhale deeply the fruity aroma.

For the massage : Pure relaxation with a stimulating massage. With just a few drops of the oil in 10mlYoung Living V-6 Carrier Oill mix and apply to skin.

Suitablefor nebulization with aaroma diffuser

Quality without compromise!