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Harmony Oil 15ml

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The platinum among oils

A fantastic blend of Lavender , Geranium , Roman Chamomile , Sandalwood , Bergamot , Ylang Ylang , Hyssop, Palmarosa , Frankincense , Rose , Spanish Sage , Orange , Rosewood , Spruce and Jasmine.

Young Living's Harmony essential oil blend is a seasonal product and is not always available.

Very suitable for applying as a perfume.
Simply apply a few drops to the following points:
  • behind the ears
  • above the collarbone
  • on the pulse points

The properties of the oil mixture are very broad due to the mixture of high-quality essential oils . The following are outstanding:

  • calming properties
  • helps to calm down in stressful moments
  • promotes general well-being

Suitable for nebulizing with an aroma diffuser

Quality without compromise!