Blauglasflasche mit Zerstäuberpumpe -

Blue glass bottle with spray pump

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How do you apply the oils?

So that the oils can be applied easily and effectively (spraying), we offer blue glass bottles including a suitable atomizer pump as an accessory .


Spray carefully with a spray ;
Important, only use glass bottles .

Fill the oil mixture diluted with water into the bottle, screw on the attachment, shake well before use and spray the fur with it. Then massage in by hand and comb through if necessary.

  • Apply to back, stomach or behind ears
  • Be careful not to get anything in your eyes !
  • No liquid must get into the auditory canals !

Recommended dilution ratios if required:

  • Small dogs up to 05 kg/10:1
  • Medium-sized dogs up to 13 kg/5:1
  • Large dogs up to 29 kg/3:1
  • Large dogs from 30 kg/1:1