Aroma Diffuser mit Korbmuster
Aroma Diffuser Sweet -
Aroma Diffuser Sweet -
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Aroma Diffuser Sweet

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Compact and powerful

make your home yours favorite place with the sleek, compact  Aroma diffuser, that offers many functions in a small space.

With natural  scents that surround you, you experience pure wellbeing. 

Inspired by traditional fabric patterns, this contemporary diffuser latest ultrasonic technology with long running times and various diffusion and light options.

  • Simply add 5-8 drops of your favorite essential oil into the diffuser and enjoy a unique aromatic experience.
  • Best placed on a desk, table or counter
  • Choose the LED light option for your mood.
  • Enjoy the refreshing scent that gently fills the room.
  • Enrich your home with your favorite fragrances


  • 10 LED light options
  • The light settings are independent of the diffuser and can also be switched off during nebulization. (night mode)
  • powerful diffusion for Rooms up to 25m2
  • Featuring two diffusion modes: Mode 1 runs at peak power for approximately 4 hours. Mode 2 with interval runs about 8 hours (interval, one minute on, one minute off)
  • cloudy blue basket design
  • Capacity 134ml
  • 2 year guarantee 

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General information

Manufacturer YL Essential Oils, LC
product type
Electric fragrance diffuser
item number A-00123
conformity CE
Comes with a power adapter



colour Blue
color designation basket blue


Exact material designation PSE

power supply

power supply
mains operation
AC adapter

Mains operation properties

power consumption
24 w