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who is behind Naturify?

Hello dear visitor of our website!
nice to have you in the world of Naturify dive!



Debbie Gwerder• Business Partners• Marketing & Communication



Daniel Gwerder• Business Partners• sale & Online marketing

Missy Gwerder  Assessor motivatorr

and the Naturify team Uschi, Judith, Amelia, Ludek, and Heinz


We are for „better aging“ instead of antiagingg“

We want to offer you as a customer something that you lifestyle supports.

Looking for products we tell you about Naturify can offer, this is our focus. If a product interests us, let's try it out ourselves and with our team first. Not until all of us do too convinced, let's check if it's at Naturify fits in.

We all are on road , develop and change us.

At Naturify we are not looking for perfection, we are looking for this best possible.


Our website Naturify.ch

Last but not least: Our website will changeable stay. Products will be added, but one or the other will also disappear from the scene.

we strive sustainability but understandable and applicable in everyday life! - nothing fancy.


We would be happy if you also embark on this path towards more well-being and more quality of life and in our shop find something here and there that can help you.

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Naturally Healthier Conscious!r! 

With kind regards
Debbie & Dany with team