stone pine flakes

My first scented sachet Stone pine flake filling . The relaxing and sleep-promoting effect of the wood is mainly attributed to its characteristic resinous-spicy scent.

The aromatic scent will direct in the brain guided , which one with that nervous system connected is. As a result, the wood has a calming and relaxing effect , so that one improved recovery time is achieved.

The scented sachet unfolds its effect best , if you take it before going to bed, pressed several times , to the holding nose , a few times takes a deep breath and then while sleeping next to lay the pillow .

Dry air can dry out the stone pine flakes over time. This can cause them to lose their scent.

To the to maintain the pleasant pine scent , you can use them from time to time refresh . Put the scented sachets for one to two hours when wet weather outdoors , or to a place with high humidity . This will make the natural essential oils reactivated .

With a few drops of stone pine or pine oil will be your scented sachet again smell intense .

The filling should be replaced after 6 to 12 months.

Possible uses:

  • in the closet against moths
  • in bed for a restful sleep


  • can have a calming effect
  • conducive to deep breathing
  • against moths and vermin


  • 15g Stone pine filling
  • outer bag Cotton bag approx. 11x12 cm

Organic stone pine oil

Stone pine oil is used in many ways, including in aromatherapy and as a protection against moths and insects.

It is said to have a positive effect on sleep and breathing, as well as physical and mental well-being.


Store cool, dry, protected from light and tightly closed.

Stone pine oil is something particularly fine and a gift from the unspoilt nature of the Alps.

The stone pine oil is made from the remains of logging (smaller branches, twigs with needles and cones) and excess young trees.

The special altitude of the trees, between 1800 and 2400 meters and a very slow growth ensure that the essential active ingredients can be formed in high concentrations.