Brand Ambassador - Affiliate Programme

Our products speak for themselves, we are firmly convinced of that

... and apparently you too!

Then don't other people participate in the good experiences you have with our products.

Of course, your commitment should not be in vain!

do a pleasure to others , deserve so your commission is easy   andbecome part in our team .

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Brand ambassadors from are only within the Switzerland and Lichtenstein active.

And that's how it works:

  • You invite your friends to try
  • You get that your personal code , which you can share with a link on your social media channels and network
  • Your friends order through yours personal link
  • you get yours Share of sales credited to your account
  • Your contacts benefit from lower prices when they make a purchase
  • You have your own clear affiliate dashboard for full transparency
  • We pay your commission monthly to your account

Coupon Code

Most customers today know how to deal with vouchers in online shops: A code is generated, which is entered in the checkout. In return, we deduct a discount from the invoice amount. So far this is nothing new


Will you become our brand ambassador, then get you your own voucher code . Only you can give this to your network. Experience has shown that this is very well received by people in your environment and looks professional.

As soon as one of your contacts is surfing the site, your profile appears . Your contact is linked to your account on the website.


You will receive your well-deserved commission on all available products in our shop ,   which are bought with your personal voucher code.

Data protection:


As a brand ambassador, you stick to thedata protection, just like we do.

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