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Young Living is pioneer , refiner and producer the distilled nature, the essential oils .
Since over 25 years Young Living uses the industry standards and promotes the sustainable cultivation on own fields .
The state-of-the-art research and the Quality Assurance "Seed to Seal" constantly delivers the purest essential oils, essential oil blends and with products enriched with essential oils of the world.
We from Naturify are proud distributor of Young Living products.


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What Makes Young Living Essential Oil Products Special??

In the course of a Low temperature steam distillation process are Young Living oils b particularly carefully manufactured and are therefore from special purity and accordingly effective .

Quality without compromise

100% pure products!

The promise of quality "Seed to Seal" guaranteed the consumer highest quality assurance.

The global Young Living family farmed the company owned farms and thereby sets the highest quality standard worldwide .

partner companies and suppliers are also "Seed to Seal" certified and contribute daily to the high quality requirement from the cultivation of the plants until bottled and packed product at.

Young Living operates its own farms and guarantees the customer the highest quality.

The Finca Victoria Farm consists of 970 hectares of fertile farmland with 50 hectares hand tended fruit trees . Fresh lime and grapefruit peels are cold pressed on-site to produce the highest quality essential oils. Because this farm a "Zero waste" concept every part of the remaining fruit is also processed.


At St. Marie's Lavender Farm it all started! In 1993, Gary Young brought lavender seeds from Provence in France and planted them on 200 acres of land. Today St. Maries Farm is world famous and brings that best lavender oil on the market.


What are essential oils?

Essential oils are aromatic plant extracts out of  growing wild or cultivated herbs , trees and others Plant .
Won of course they will be through one of the following methods:
  • steam distillation,
  • cold pressing
  • resin tap

Danger sign:

Young Living products are made by special laboratories on purity and Quality checked.

According to the EU regulation, essential oilschemical mixtures the onobtained naturally (e.g. steam distillation) and from Naturally, individual ingredients defined as chemicals have.

This information may seem daunting, fulfill but with that Aim for more security and information about products of "Essential Oils".

In Switzerland, the danger signs do not have to be declared because Young Living has regulated the harmonization of cosmetic use.

The danger symbols for essential oils briefly explained:






  • Flammable - highly flammable and do not use near fire
  • corrosion - Protect eyes, may be irritating or damaging
  • health hazard- May cause irritation of skin, eyes and respiratory tract
  • health risk - Can cause injuries when used undiluted
  • Dangerous for the environment- should not get into water bodies undiluted
Examples of application and danger for better explanation:
Peppermint oil:
  1. The highly concentrated oils are highly irritating to the eyes and cause pain. Therefore provided with the hazard sign "health hazard exclamation mark".
  2. Undiluted in wastewater, essential oils have the potential to harm the environment. Therefore provided with the "Danger sign-environmentally hazardous".
  3. We all know the power of a single drop of Young Living essential oil. Incorrectly applied or spilled, the strong aromas can impair breathing. Therefore provided with the "danger sign health hazard".

Safety instructions for essential oils
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    How do I apply essential oils?

    • applied directly to the skin
    • by misting
    We'd love to show you personal the professional Application from
    • essential oils
    • essential oil blends
    • Products enriched with essential oils

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    Current range of Young Living oils:


    Young Living oils and oil blends are in approved in Switzerland and suitable forcosmetic purposes.

    The safety instructions for essential oils can be found under the following link:
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