EpiKombi® stay healthy

Stay healthy, vital and whole protects

  • better aging, healthy aging
  • younger skin, better vascular elasticity
  • works against silent inflammation
  • strengthens the immune system
  • maintaining physical performance
  • preventive against osteoporosis
  • supports muscle maintenance

EpiKombi health box stay healthyen“ is an epigenetically oriented health concept for a active Life.


The EpiKombi health box contains::

    • Epicheck Home Kit self-test
    • APP access
    • personalized meal recommendation
    • 3 packs epigenovital®
    • Duration of the cure: 3 months

Additionally and optionally bookable, we offer a personal consultation With dr Markus Rohner .


1. Eating recommendation:
  • You give the body data on the EPI concept app a
  • With a questionnaire on the app we learn more about yours eating habits

we personalize then yours Eating recommendation and considered yours food preferences!

Completely after your taste and "free from prohibitions" .

After that, they will support youepigenetic traffic light table for groceries on the EPI concept app.
2. Support with epigenovital®:

The optimized way of eating is specifically supported with the necessary vital substances to normalize the metabolism.

polyphenols have many positive health effects , especially as antioxidants . Polyphenols (catechins are polyphenolic plant metabolites) make it difficult for the virus to spread in the body . the body's defenses monitors the body, registers invading germs, fights them and, above all, needs them enough cell energy (ATP). the body's defenses can with epigenovital® decisive promoted and support will.


Epigenovital works primarily as a whole and the targeted interaction the active ingredients contained therein.

Epigenovital works synergistically and does much more than just a few


AGEs can with Epigenovital to be reduced. Advanced Glycated Endproducts (AGE) are for the oxidative stress causal responsible and negatively promote cell and skin aging. The polyphenols from cocoa extract the in are contained epigenovitally , reduce AGEs , increase cell health and can reduce wrinkles .

Too many AGEs are responsible for oxidative stress and can cause disease risks such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Secondary plant substances
Secondary plant substances such as polyphenols make it difficult for the virus to spread in the body. These substances are only slowly supplied to the body through nutrition. Perhaps too slow to avoid the current threat.

Secondary plant substances such as polyphenols (catechins) from green tea and cocoa extract, oligomeric proanthocyanidins from grape seed extract (OPC) and cranberries proven to promote resistance to influenza viruses . Polyphenols partly change their structure in the body in such a way that they can do less harm to us. The same applies to other RNA viruses.

Coenzyme Q10
people with one low coenzyme Q10 content show one deeper defense against influenza viruses, even if you are vaccinated. Supplementing with Q10 promotes the defense against possible viral infections. Q10 is this second most important antioxidant in the human body , which promotes the formation of the cell energy ATP. Q10 is on important cofactor of the respiratory chain !

L-carnitine encourages biochemical education the cell energy ATP from fats and can improve the energy supply. This supports the body in Battle against viruses , which needs a lot of energy (ATP). Combined with the other active ingredientsepigenovital good energy supply can be promoted in this way.
Additionally promotes metabolic flexibility. (ability to switch between energy availability, burning sugar to burning fat)
je more flexible the energy metabolism is, the the energy can do better without additional food intake be used .
So there is also the possibilityhigh performance without additional food intake to achieve. Also long endurance units can be disputed in this way.

Vitamin E and Vitamin C

Vitamin E and Vitamin C, in epigenovital contribute to protecting the cells from oxidative stress and thus support the immune processes.


Zinc is very important for the respiratory tract and contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

More vitamins

Epigenovital also contains pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, folic acid, vitamin D and vitamin B12, which can support various important cell processes for vital cells.

The capsules are gluten free , lactose free , sugar free , free of sweeteners and contain no titanium dioxide .

Preserve your beauty, stay healthy, vital andprotected!

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