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Blood test for personalized nutrition

Whether you already have complaints, you constantly tired and unwell feel or if you just want to know what your diet-related risks are for insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes or heart disease are.

The blood test will give you an answer. 


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Goals of the metabolic function test:

  • Personal health check for early detection of incipient disorders
  • How well is your immune system working?
  • Is your energy metabolism normal?
  • How high is your performance potential
  • There is a lack of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes
  • Is there a predisposition to prevent type 2 diabetes


Functionality of the metabolic function test:

By releasing various substances, our hormonal and nervous systems control the processing of the nutrients, energy and information that we have absorbed.

Through viruses, bacteria and other foreign body will affect the functioning of the organism affected. This is often reflected in a change in the composition of the blood.

This changes can the metabolic function test recognize.


How does the test work?

  • Take your blood sample with a small prick of your finger
  • Mail the sample to our laboratory.
  • Our laboratory will then conveniently send your blood values ​​to your home
  • Enter your values ​​in the app.
  • The app calculates your risks and suggests you therapy options before.


    The exact Instructions for taking blood and recording the EPI type is included in the packaging.

    invest in your Health and do now very easily and comfortable from At home from the epicheck

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