EpiCheck® | Blood test home kit | detox and revitalize

Increase your performance

  • Detox, promotes detoxification
  • helps with concentration problems
  • keeps the liver function in balance
  • helps against fatigue
  • optimal supply of vital substances
  • promotes fat metabolism
  • normalizes blood sugar levels
  • has a preventive effect against high blood pressure
  • acts preventively against high cholesterol levels

The EpiX and combo pack is a epigenetic oriented health concept for more vitality and efficiency.

    The EpiKombi Health Box "Revitalize Liver" contains::

      • EPIType ® self test
      • app access
      • personalized meal recommendation
      • 3 packs of methylosan ®
      • 3 packs of epigenosan ®
      • 2h personal consultation
      • Duration of the cure: 3 months


    1. Blood values determine:
    Determine yours EPIType ® with the EPIType self-testt
    • you take At home self a small amount of blood from your finger and send it to our certified partner laboratory. (The exact instructions for taking blood and recording the EPI type on the EPI concept app are included in the packaging)
    • The blood is analyzed by the laboratory.
    • After a few days you get your blood values.


    As soon as you have received your blood values ​​from the laboratory, you can enter the data digitally in the app or in writing using the form.


    2. Eating recommendation:

    • You give the blood values ​​and body data on the EPIconcept app a, your EPIType is calculated and automatically determined
    • With a questionnaire on the app we learn more about yours eating habits

    We personalize then your meal recommendation and considered your food preferences!

    Completely after your taste and "free from prohibitions".

    After that, she supports you epigenetic traffic light table for groceries on the EPI concept app.


    3. Support with epigenosan and methylosann®:
    The optimized way of eating is specifically supported with the necessary vital substances to normalize the liver metabolism.

    epigenosan supports the energy-yielding metabolism with valuable ingredients and can help with a lack of energy or excessive tiredness in the afternoon help.

    epigenosan is the optimal formula for support and promotion the FAT BURNING and provides the METABOLIC FLEXIBILITY again.

    This preparation helps you more powerful, more vital and healthier feel and look.

    Combination food supplement with:
    • Mate tea extract
    • green tea extract
    • L-carnitine
    • isoflavones
    • magnesium
    • Vitamins D3 and E
    • Omega-3, oil (of microalgae)
    • biotin
    • niacin
    • pantothenic acid
    • Vitamins B6 and B12


    methylosan Ingredients contribute to a normal liver function, normal fat metabolism, to the reduction in fatigue at.

    methylosan works against fatigue and support that retained a normal one blood sugar levels.

    methylosan is a plant-based combination food supplement.

    This product contains:

    • choline (contributes to normal liver function)
    • folic acid
    • Vitamin B6
    • Vitamin B12
    • pantothenic acid
    • chromium (contributes to normal blood sugar levels)
    • manganese
    • biotin
    • Vitamin B1
    • Vitamin B2
    • Coenzyme Q10
    • Vitamin D3
    • methionine
    • molybdenum

    The co-nutrients, which are naturally present in the ingredients of methylosan, complement the effect of the highly dosed vitamins and minerals.

    The tablets are vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free, sugar free, free of sweeteners and contain no titanium dioxide.

    4th movement:

    With regular exercise your muscles will be strengthened.

    5. Reduce Stress:
    Einto specific breathing training and/or others relaxation methods can help you relieve stress.

    Take care of your liver, it is a real high-performance machine!