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My name is Judith Bucher (judy) , am married and the mother of three adult children.

For me, family is very important. the time together during activities, eating or exchanging ideas with each other is not only good for me, but also helps me healthy to stay.

In my leisure time I move a lot in the Nature and marvel at the variety of treasures that it has to offer us. the fragrances of flowers, shrubs and trees, but also the to form and Colours fascinate and to inspire me again and again.

Now that all my kids have moved out, I'm excited to devote myself to mine hobby sewing.“. As a regular „fragrance person“ got me the idea of my own Fragrance sachet creations packed. I have carefully selected every detail: from the fabric for the outer bag, the inner bag to the organic lavender for the filling.

I also like to sew whole other nice accessories who her on found for sale in my shop.

I'm glad I did bring a little piece of nature into your home and life.

I wish you much joy with my handmade scented sachets!

My handmade sewing products:

scented sachet

The following scented sachets are available in the shop:

Scented sachets #Tree

Scented sachets #oak forest

Scented sachets #Nostalgia flowers