CBD Massage Oil "KraftTage" for Women

The innovative symbiosis of nature for the female cycle!

That CBD massage oil "STRENGTH DAYS" is a particularly high quality and natural oil from Switzerland with CBD extract and valuable essential oils from traditional women's herbs :

  • lady's mantle
  • chaste tree
  • clary sage
  • lemon balm
  • Lemon Thyme

For relaxed and harmonious well-being.


    • Rub in 10-20 drops per day
    • In the morning with 2-4 drops for breast massage
    • Put 1-3 drops on the temples in the evening and massage in
    • Helps you fall asleep gently by rubbing it into the pulse points, forehead or décolleté

    Suitable for:

    • irregular cycle
    • when the breasts are tense before menstruation
    • menopause
    • menstrual period
    • mood swings
    • pms


    • Swiss natural product
    • No additives
    • Non-psychoactive, THC undetectable
    • Vegan
    • Not tested on animals
    • Tested by independent, accredited laboratories
    • CBD content: 5% / 10 ml / approx. 250 drops
    • carrier oil: MCT
    • CBD plant power rich in terpenes and phytocannabinoids
    • after organic guidelines cultivated


    • Shake well before use
    • Always store dry at a temperature between 8-18 degrees Celsius
    • Protect from direct light and sunlight
    • Keep out of the reach of children
    • Read and understand all safety instructions before use
    • If in doubt, seek medical advice
    • Dispose of contents/container to an approved waste disposal facility

    Suitable for the foot reflex zones:

    A massage on the feet can have a supportive effect against a wide range of complaints all over the body. The foot massage has a fundamentally relaxing effect and can promote well-being.

    The foot reflex zones can also have a positive effect on the following complaints:

    • restless legs
    • tension
    • cramps
    • sleep disorders
    • cycle disorders

    However, reflexology can also be used preventively and achieve a general health boost.

    Better well-being with alternative products!

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