I'm fed up with my looks!

Fionas wants to get well:

  • More energy and achieve quality of life
  • metabolism up again natural fat and sugar breakdown switch
  • weight reduction from 45kg
  • waist circumference < 80cm
  • BMI 22.5


Dear reader

This live report from the Life of an overweight woman in her early forties target insight give, what is possible with the epigenetic health concept .

It is primarily about to get their derailed metabolism back on track .

Fiona* (the name has been changed for privacy reasons) reports authentically , diary style, like her your journey to a healthier you beginset and then step by step how to proceed.

We wish our readers that it inspires you , also one healthier lifestyle to strive for.

in the current times, where our health needs special protection , is a healthy lifestyle an immense important piece of the puzzle.


Intro by Fiona in July 2020:

Analysis of blood valuesEPIType 9 / Prediabetes June 2020

    I've been fed up with my looks and how I'm doing for a long time.

    Buy clothes horror!! 

    Sounding like a steam train when I go up the stairs to the 1st floor. No stamina. Always exhausted…

    Since I got early June a girlfriend from theepigenetic health concepttold . It sounded interesting. So, first of all, I informed myself well.

    After a short period of reflection I decided to.

    What have I got to lose??

    The blood test identifies where my problem lies.. 

    Then I can with one optimal nutrition and the right dietary supplements specific to fixing my problem work towards .

    This concept might be the solution for me. So order!!


    The package with the EPIType®self test

    was delivered on June 15, 2020 and I may draw blood yourself 😉 Here's another onelittle tip it's easier for two. The whole thing takes a few minutes.. A little nudge, pack up and send . Et voila done!! Am on curious about the result.


    Unbelievable – the Results are already there ! Didn't even get around to filling out the questionnaire on the app…

    I gave myself some time. The questionnaire has been completed. Now the Enter blood values that I received in the mail.

    That Result is there immediately . Uiii!!! ...... first of all it's going on vacation

    Official start - on to my new "I"


    Today I have with Phase 1 started.

    2 weeks very strict diet . is a challenge. For cooking and for the palate. but the goal keeps you on the path.

    And it's great the advisor is always at your side,, you don't have to go through it alone.

    I started more or less well yesterday . I still had to go shopping in the morning so that I had everything in the house for the first few days. D

    I think the taste of the raspberries is terrible. I thought I could do it with the raspberries (they only last 2 weeks), but this morning I wrote to the Epi consultant if I could replace them.

    Fotos von Frühstück Himbeeren Heidelbeeren Müsli das Essen 3840x2400

    2 hours after breakfast I also feel really hungry again with a growling stomach, but I still have to wait 2-3 hours☹

    The combination food supplement withEPIGENOSAN andMETHYLOSAN work hand in hand with the recommended diet. Simply brilliant, I lack nothing!

    The other meals I've eaten so far are actually not bad. And even if it doesn't sound like much given the weight, is it enough. At least that's how it was yesterday. Let's see what the next few days bring 😉



    1st week phase 1 done! Was a bit of a challenge. You don't eat like you used to at all. That concerns the what and the how much. There are things, such as fennel, that were neither on my shopping list before nor will they be on it later. And it's time consuming too. Weighing everything carefully takes time You have to think carefully and plan carefully so that it doesn't take up so much time every day.


    What I am very happy about is that I was able to replace the raspberries in my breakfast with other berries. So I only had to suffer for 2 days and since then eating breakfast hasn't been a problem at all..


    Result after the first 7 days: 3.9kg less! A confirmation that it is worth all the changes and effort!😊


    On to the 2nd week!


    It's time! I'm still in phase 1 , but the preparation for phase 2 starts. My EpiAdvisor really took his time to explain everything to me in detail. Even if the documents seem a bit overwhelming at the beginning after the Skype appointment not that bad😉 

    Phase 2 consists of 3 parts. In each, the calories are slightly increased. Parts 1 and 2 are 2 weeks each, and part 3 then the rest of the 3 months (total duration of the concept). Then there's a new self-test to find out where you stand. The app and the documents will then be updated accordingly. I'm really excited to see what comes out of it.

    The combination food supplement with EPIGENOSAN and METHYLOSAN work hand in hand with the recommended diet. Simply brilliant, I lack nothing!


    Today I sat there and put together my eating plan for the next week. In phase 2 you are more flexible and can prepare the food , that you want/like , but with certain requirements. For example, it is determined how many grams of carbohydrates, meat, vegetables, etc. you should eat per meal. Basically, I can choose the ingredients myself. They just have to be within the given epi-index , which you have on the app. Spontaneous cooking is still not 100% possible. But if you plan well, it fits.

    Hooray! Phase 1 survived!»! 😅 Total -5.4 kg in 14 days. I'm a bit disappointed that I lost less weight in week 2 than in week 1. But basically 5.4 kg less is not bad! Have that feeling,

    that one or the other pair of pants fits a little differently.... 😊 

    I'm super proud of myself too! I actually made it myself for 2 weeks 100% to the specifications without once to„sin held have. 

    That was previously unthinkable. The clear cut between theold" and the "NOW new" was optimal for me.

    It was like a switch being flipped. Glad I found it!

    So, today I ate according to my new own plan for the first time. Tasty and plenty of it. I just have to get used to eating slowly and relaxed.

    This helps the whole thing a little more especially in digestion. And if you put together your own eating plan, you can, for example, prepare something on one day for the next day and/or the day after that. That way you have a little less effort. I've stocked up on my stash.😉😊

    The combination food supplement with EPIGENOSAN and METHYLOSAN work hand in hand with the recommended diet. Simply brilliant, I lack nothing!

    Phase 2 is really a bit more relaxed than phase 1.


    I enjoy the flexibility. As I said before, you have your restrictions and guidelines that you have to follow, but you can easily rearrange.

    For example, if I have a certain menu planned but I'm running late, I'll just grab something that's already prepared. So you don't have to cook something new. Splendid!😊


    I had this week one moment, where I noticed that my posture is more confident. Hopefully not a one-time moment  😉 
    Even if it's not that many kilos less, my self-consciousness somehow already one got a little boost


    4 weeks done! 4 weeks without pizza, steak, chocolate, cake and all the other delicacies And I'm still aliveoch 😉
    The combination food supplement with EPIGENOSAN and METHYLOSAN work hand in hand with the recommended diet. Simply brilliant, I lack nothing!


    Get me right, I still miss all of that. Especially when I pass the pizzeria on my way home from work or when my neighbors are having a barbecue... But the fact that in just 4 weeks I've lost 7 kg and around 6 cm around my waist Scope is really motivating. So let's see next month!t! 😊



    It's been a while since I got in touch. For me, just everyday life was announced, nothing exciting…

    But now! Usually at the beginning you do thedetox curea blood test and then again after 3 months, i.e. at the end of the program. However, my EPI consultant and I decided to take stock after 6 weeks. So on 24.08.blood drawn againand sent in.

    Of the Comparison to the 1st blood test from 6 weeks ago shows one significant improvement in values!

    My EPI type is down from 9 to 7. So I got out of the prediabetes risk. And that just by changing the diet and the taking theEPI nutritional supplement ! As difficult as it is sometimes to walk past cakes and pizza it works!

    In I lost 9.9 kg in 6 weeks . I can take off some of my pants without having to undo the button, or I come in in pants that I had on last time, I don't know when!👍🏼✨😊

    I have an appointment with my advisor tomorrow. I'm curious what will happen next.



    My EPI consultant is enthusiastic about my performance. Words like congratulations and sensationally good!t“! 😊  I'm out of pre-diabetes risk out and just skipped the insulin resistant phase. So I am no longer a risk patient. After only 6 weeks! I'm on the right track my goal to reach: be healthy! What does that mean for me? First of all, a big hurray!!! and then: keep it up!so! 🙌 🙌


    I'm doing well . Today it's 10 weeks since I started with the EPI concept started. I am now 13kg lighter, 😊 although I cheated a bit last week... Even if my real goal is mine Health is, I naturally enjoy the disappearance of every kilo. It's wonderful when you can put on trousers without hesitation that two weeks ago didn't fit very well.

    I also noticed something quite astonishing: mine Teeth have become whiter! This may sound strange, but the yellowish tinge has definitely reduced by quite a bit! So now I have two positive side effects' that I can enjoy.😊



    Vacation & change of diet a difficult combination.. 🤦‍♀️

    If you at least had restaurants nearby that offer a buffet then you could choose the food. But restaurants with "a la carte" at 3 meals! Difficult! You can't give the chef your diet plan and say cook it! So I was able to get by more or less well. Even if it wasn't usually possible to stick to the selection one hundred percent, I'm satisfied.ieden. Despite everything, I lost a little weight, so I neither stopped nor gained weight. So brilliant😊

    Now it's back to everyday life and everything is a little easier.



    I started exactly 3 months ago today . 3 months ago there was this glaring cut in my life. I started shopping differently and cooking regularly. I had to do without certain delicacies. Sometimes I really fought with myself so that I didn't become weak. At the same time, I started taking the Dietary supplement Epigenosan and methylosan. 

    Today, after 3 months new life , I am 14.8 kg lighter (I'm shrinkinge out of more and more pants), can climb stairs more easily , have one better posture , walk more confident through the streets and am just proud on what I've done.


    I am no longer a diabetes risk patient, and that's a big load to put off on top of the weight I've lost.✨🙌🏼✨😊

    On 10/19 I have another appointment with my advisor. Then I find out what my blood values look like today and what they mean. I'm very excited.

    It's just really amazing to me what this dietary supplement can do together with the right diet… I'll get back to you.🙋🏼‍♀️



    Today I had an appointment with my advisor.
    Unfortunately, my values have deteriorated somewhat since the last blood test. Not very strong, but something. I was a bit disappointed there 😕
    We looked for the causes . At the moment there are a few factors that have favored this deterioration. One of them is sure that I was rarely able to stick to the eating plan during my holidays . Also a specific drug as well as a stressful time at work , the resulted in too little sleep, have had a negative impact on the values .


    This proves that at Be healthy really the overall picture must be taken into account : getting enough sleep, eating right, managing stress well, etc.


    We have now found an alternative to the drug. There will be another test at the end of November. Then we'll see if it (hopefully) has improved again.

    As for my weight loss, my consultant said it's almost a little too fast.
    Today I am at -15.7 kg.
    Honestly : I can Not claim that i eat too little . the Amounts I eat for lunch and dinner would be enough for the strongest man . So it's real that what and not necessarily HOW MUCH , the is crucial . Interesting, isn't it!…


    Ah, everyday life…
    In the last 1-2 weeks I have felt an increased craving for sweets. It's also common: delicious gingerbread is now available everywhere. I love gingerbread… 😍 But I stood my ground 😊 I'm really proud of that! 😇


    That only new',, what there is to say is that i shrinking out of more and more clothes . I think it won't be long before losing weight gets really expensive. Everyday clothes like jeans and tops that were tight or didn't fit at all are now too big.😃  In some cases, this even changes within 1-2 weeks. That's awesome!! 🙆‍♀️
    It's nice that other people are really noticing it now. I also catch myself staring in the mirror every time I've finally put on something that fits . I'm still not used to the way I look now. It would probably also be a bit strange if it weren't noticed, because now I already have 18.8 kg less on my ribs!✨🙌🏼



    19 weeks, 20kg. Hooray!!!

    Basically there is not much to tell, but I had to get rid of that for a moment!😊
    Somehow I've been feeling lighter lately. By that I don't just mean lighter on the scales, but also emotionally easier. I sometimes have really good days when I'm in a good mood. the Oppression is generally no longer so dominant.
    This progress means a whole new attitude towards life for me!
    At the end of November I'll do another blood test to check. I'm curious to see if my levels have improved again.



    Sooo there is good news 😊

    My last blood values are great!

    You can still improve, but basically are they very good , especially since I only five months ago with the changeover and the started supplementation . My advisor says I can come back in 5-6 months for an assessment.

    As of today, exactly 5 months after I started:



    07/13/20 -> 36.4

    12/13/20 -> 30.2





    waist circumference




    07/13/20 -> 9 (diabetes risk)

    12/13/20 -> 6


    My advisor is very satisfied and congratulated me . For me, it's now a matter of carrying on and sticking with it.

    I'm really proud of what I've accomplished in 5 months .

    Staying firm hasn't always been easy, but there's so much affirmation that it's worth it.

    Clothes that are too big or fit again, compliments from people who haven't seen me for a while easier walking , no longer get out of breath so quickly, Happy when I see myself in the mirror , etc.

    This is my new life. My goal was to get well. My goal is to stay healthy.

    Losing weight was a very nice, positive side effect. The newly won quality of life is simply wonderful!😊

    Stay healthy!

    Your Fiona



    • Mein Mann und ich haben die Darmkur gemacht. Wir fühlen uns sehr gut mit weniger Blähungen und Völlegefühl und der schöne Nebeneffekt, wir sind 3Kilo leichter.

      Gwerder Uschi
    • Vor 7 Jahren hatte ich eine beginnende Insulinresistenz (Vorstufe Diabetes 2) und 10 Kilo Uebergewicht. Eine stetige Müdigkeit und Magenprobleme machten mir das Leben schwer. Nach einem Check in einer bekannten Klinik wurde ich als gesund entlassen. Dr. M. Rohner hat anhand der Blutwerte eine Insulinresistenz festgestellt. Ich habe mich dann entschieden, das Konzept der Fa. EpiGeneticBalance, Rheinfelden umzusetzen. Nach 3 Wochen kam die Energie zurück, alle gesundheitlichen Probleme waren nach 5 Wochen behoben. Wärend der Umsetzung des Konzepts habe ich 10 Kilo abgenommen. Seit dieser Zeit habe ich kein Kilo mehr zugenommen, bin heute topfit und voller Energie. Ich kann das Konzept nur weiter empfehlen.

      Martin Zacherl

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