Belly fat that is harmful to health has to go

Sarah wants to feel comfortable in her own skin again:

  • problem area belly fight
  • metabolism on natural fat and sugar breakdown switch
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Dear reader

This live report from the life of a young mother With residual abdominal fat target insight give, what is possible with the epigenetic health concept .

It is primarily about to get their derailed metabolism back on track and the Problem area stomach to fight.

Sarah reports authentically , diary style. She tells you step by step about her journey  back to your well-being .

In the monthsafter childbirth More than half of mothers struggle with extra pregnancy pounds. the Libra shows on average seven to ten kilograms more on.

Usually the belly increases for nine months during pregnancy. Usually  needs it just as long until you do that original weight again reached Has .

It is particularly difficult for women who are in thepregnancy have gained more than the recommended weight.

Sarah would have two pregnancies within two years and 30 pounds each increased . she feels unwell and is with her waist circumference dissatisfied.

We wish our readers exciting experience on their Path to new well-being.


Intro Sarah on March 19, 2021

I am 26 years young , drive exercise three times a week and cook fresh every day and healthy. I usually don't eat anything between meals.

Nevertheless I have a BIG problem area, the stomach . That was nice always like that and the pregnancies didn't make it any better.

Within two years I had two pregnancies, during which I gained 30 kilos. 7 kilos remained mainly as belly fat .

I wanted to know how big my waist circumference is. When measuring, I came up with a circumference of more than a meter - 102cm! I I was shocked! I want me finally feeling good again and fighting my problem zone .

Then I happened to be came across the concept of epigenetic health and was immediately Interested. I hope to be successful with this.



That blood test kit arrived last week. I purposely got up earlier this morning so I could have my blood drawn before the kids were awake. I actually wanted to ask my husband for help, but he turned pale at the question. So I took matters into my own hands.

When reading the instructions, you realize that it's actually quite simple: A little prick in the finger and then fill two tubes. The test should be carried out on an empty stomach (i.e. do not eat or drink anything beforehand). However, I should have drunk a glass of water better, because the blood just wouldn't flow. Although I tried it twice, I was only able to fill one of the two tubes completely and the other only half. I hope that's enough. Then I packed it up and took it straight to the post office. I have already filled out the questionnaire and am now eagerly awaiting the results.


I was on vacation for the last week and now I have get the values . So it worked anyway. I am excited to enter the values. A All values are displayed in a spectrum that has a red and a green area. I'm happy because I'm in the green for all values. I think that can only be a good thing. But it e Gives me epi type 5, which means "considerable".t , that scares me a bit.

I have my Program start after Easter fixed . For the next few days, I enter everything I eat in the food diary.




today I had the first consultation via zoom . We discuss everything. My scores aren't that bad. Only my intake of unsaturated fats is too high and that's exactly what we're working on nowwith the 'Epi concept 'cell health'".

What I particularly like is that there is a change of diet and not a diet . So my kids can easily eat with them and I don't have to do without anything . The dietary supplements e pigenovital and epigenosan will initially support my diet changeen .

There are foods that I prefer and foods that I should eat in moderation or only as an exception. I In the app, I can simply enter the food and it will immediately show me which category a food falls into. So I can easily control it . I'm also happy that I don't do a lot of things wrong and only have to adjust a few things.

I am very motivated and go shopping right after. Tomorrow I start and in two weeks I have then the next consultation appointment .



I now eat muesli with yoghurt every morning, alternately with fruit or berries and oatmeal. We now eat our main meal at lunchtime and only something light in the evening .

This week I also start, additionally the dietary supplement productsepigenosan® andepigenovital® to take



This week I was invited out once and twice to dinner. On the days when I was invited, I found it rather difficult to eat healthy because you can't avoid it that well . Exactly then also shows my daily, detailed food diary (EPI concept APP) to high saturated fat intake .

I however I am proud that I have the whole two weeks I gave up snacks and sweets . Even if my husband and the children have eaten something sweet. Interestingly It wasn't that difficult for me and I didn't feel like eating anything sweet.


Monday, April 26th, conversation with Dr. Rohner

Today I had the telephone conversation with Mr. Rohner. He answered my questions and gave me more tips. Overall he is happy with my diet and said I should keep going. In two weeks there will be another zoom meeting where we will take a closer look at my food diary.


Dr. Markus Rohner - EpiGenetic Balance AG


I find that it is becoming easier and easier for me to find the right balance when planning meals . However, when I visit, everything gets a bit out of control. I was invited on Sunday. I ate something sweet for the first time in three weeks. Since I ate suckling pig at noon and nibbled the pastries in the evening, I had almost doubled my saturated fat intake , than allowed according to the nutrition plan. The episode was a pretty bad night as it was so heavy on me.

Nevertheless, I have already lost three kilograms and I f feel me fit and energetic during the day , what with my v previous weight loss attempts was mostly not the case.

3rd-16th May
The last two weeks have been very difficult for me. I often didn't stick to the concept, was invited a lot or on the go and ate a lot and also unhealthily. In addition, I always had cravings at home and then I gave in and nibbled sweets. I've often noticed that I always have a craving exactly once a month. But I've already made up my mind for the next week. I am confident and motivated that things will go better.
17-30 May

My period is over and so are my cravings. It's now easier for me to eat healthy again. I now pay much more attention to the product when shopping and look at the nutrient table . Also to them nutritional supplement tablets I got used to it and take it almost automatically.

May 31 -June 12

The last two weeks have been quite stressful and I also had a few appointments. I didn't keep the food diary that often anymore, but of course I still have certain foods when I'm unsure checked using the Epi-Index on the app . Both Mr. Rohner and I forgot to make a new zoom meeting appointment. So that probably won't happen until next week.

Finally, after the rainy May, the weather is nicer again and I was therefore mostly outside the whole day with the e-bike (e-bike, because the kids are always in the trailer with you and yes, you can also ride an e-bike in a sporty way ) or otherwise in motion..

I've also continued to exercise 2-3 times, so I'm at least 10,000 steps a day without any problems .

I haven't lost weight, but... woohoo! when I dug the shorts out of my closet, I realized that the old pants fit me again and the ones I had to buy new last year are way too big .

So yes another small success , even if you can't see it on the scales.

June 17, 2021

I had one today Zoom meeting with Mr. Rohner . he has me answered all questions and was satisfied with the development . He said we could complete the care now and finally do a blood test to have the current values.

June 17-June 8 July 2021

It's getting easier and easier for me to eat the right food . Since I always cook everything fresh, I can control what I eat at home very well. ThinkFood processor Thermomix®️ supports me a lot here.

I can gently steam, stew and cook with it . It is also practical that I can do other things while cooking. That's how I save time.

To the I can also make muesli for breakfast with the Thermomixn or mix a smoothie,or prepare a crunchy saladwhen it has to be quick.


However, I did notice something:

I drink too little.That's why I often have my drinking bottle againPressaBottle used .

This way I can squeeze some fresh berries, herbs and citrus fruits into my water. Thanks to the delicious taste of the otherwise bland water, I then intuitively drank more .

August 17, 2021

My personal conclusion

I lost 4 kg and lost 5 cm waist circumference (97cm) .

the Epixund Products have me in very supportive of my diet change . So I will continue to take them .

I assume that the not yet optimal blood values are due to I've always ignored the rules . Before the blood test I was on vacation for a week and of course I ate out a lot too.

In a few months I would like to do another blood test to check and optimize my levels.

Now I know what is important!

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