What type of tea drinker are you?

Are you a»I-only-drink-tea-when-I-m-sick« tea drinker or alreadynon-coffee drinker?


Who drinks tea and how?

Generally speaking..

... one speaks of tea, who plant parts with boiling water hot pours up .

Professionals only call tea what comes from the tea bush (camelia sinensis or Camelia assamica) comes from, i.e. white, green or black tea.

the Austrians drink per person up to 600g grams of herbs - and Fruit tea . In Germany, 250 grams (dry leaf) of real tea are consumed per capita and year.r.

The record when enjoying tea in Europe keeps clear Ireland .

After water is tea the most worldwide consumed drink !

tea connoisseur..

… also rely on caffeine to daily boost for concentration to consume.

Bikini figure tea drinker..

… drink, if it serves the purpose by the liter Detox tea or alkaline tea.

The Englishman..

… drinks tea "with milk" . Assam or Darjeeling what else? Opinions are divided on one question: MIF or TIF short for milk in first  ortea in first.

The you drink what you pick guy.....

… has to on native plants or tasty Limit Leaves , as the tea bush only thrives in tropical and subtropical regions.

Collecting things yourself is popular with this guy: Blackberry leaves, nettle, rosehip, chamomile, sage, peppermint, everything that grows along the way.

The Seasonal Tea Drinker..

is limited to tea consumption in the cold season and would like to have as little as possible to do with pure tea aromas.

If your fingers and toes don't want to get too warm, a shot of schnapps will do the trick.

I-drink "tea-only-when-I-am-sick"

From 38 degrees fever the moment comes , where too Tea refusers reach for the infusion.

The Green..

... drink those who live health consciously.

The infusion needs a little more sensitivity because the water must not be boiling.

The Iced Tea Drinker..

... is in a class of its own !

Homemade iced tea as a non-carbonated refreshment for hot days is awesome, but time-consuming.

The master of ceremonies..

… explains the tea preparation to a solemn ceremony, who does not tolerate distraction. Enjoying tea like this is one cultivated form of hospitality.

The "I-only-keep-drinking-Spoony"-tea drinker..

... has the new tea enjoyment from the spoon discovered! 
always handy , for business trips, in the office, for a break or at home.
the practical preparation without mess, without squeezing of tea bags and without wet fingers has him convinced!
He likes intense fruity taste ripe red fruits or even better a spicy and noble infusion.


What type of tea drinker are you?


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