Natural soaps for healthier personal hygiene


Handmade soaps are a real alternative for people who use industrially manufactured products and shampoos want to replace non-toxic products .

With greatest care become the soaps by hand and in gentle cold process manufactured.

This makes each bar of soap unique!

All soaps includedNO palm oil andNO preservatives! A natural product through and through.

Be used for making only pure vegetable oils out environmentally friendly production used.

To natural to make delicately scented soaps , will 100% pure essential oils and freshly dried herbs added.


Natural soap starter sets

We have put together three different starter sets for you:

Starter Kit #1

  • 1x hand soap roses handmade
  • 1 x Aurora Borealis Soap Dish hand cast

Starter Set #2

  • 1x hand soap forest fragrance handmade
  • 1x soap dish blue hand-cast

Starter Set #3

  • 1x hand soap chamomile oil handmade
  • 1x hand-cast black soap dish

The natural soap and the soap dish are embedded in wood wool and in one square high quality black box packed up.

For beginners, new customers and our regular Naturify customers offer we a Special discount of 24%

  • DISCOUNT CODE "Natural soaps0312"
  • simply enter it at check out and benefit
  • Code is valid until the end of July 2022
  • Discount can be redeemed while stocks last


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